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Meet the mentor
Meet my teachers

Peter M von Maltitz.  

As always we do not exist in a vacuum.  I was fortunate in having had many teachers that made a lasting impression on me.  I am largely a product of what can be achieved by standing on the shoulders of those who taught me.

My mother

She taught me to see colour and shapes of things, the spaces between them and how to draw them.

My father

One day when I asked him what he thought of baboons, he said: “They are satisfied.”   He reckoned that humanity was not satisfied and that was why it developed.  

Nick Paaschier  -  Johannesburg

He taught me Hatha Yoga and the life giving mantra.  Maha Mritjunyaya mantra.  That was the first time I experienced a healer manifesting a flow of energy.  Suddenly the mystical world was so real, that I could feel the energy streaming like electric water through me from the place he touched my cheek with his finger next to a bee sting.

Professor   P.S. Knox-Davies - University of Stellenbosch

This was the teacher of science that made the biggest impression on me at university.    He helped me concentrate on a narrower issue at a time and see the issues of systems and how we could manage them.   Each of his lectures were a rehearsed performance delivered with finesse of balance and precision.  We were trained to read massive amounts of background literature before venturing on a discussion.

Dr. J  Bochemuhl   - Plant Science section at the Goetheanum, Switzerland.

This is where I learned to integrate my thinking with my feeling by studying Goethe’s metamorphosis. This is the study of change rather than difference. In normal western Science difference is what counts and that needs statistics to show significance.

Dr. Rudolf Steiner  - from whom I learned through lectures and writings.  The first book that caught my total attention was Human and Cosmic thought.  I discovered a continuation in the thought pattern that I had already started formulating in my mind about fundamentals of concepts.  He introduced me to the work of Wolfgang Goethe.

Wolfgang Goethe first explained the process of plant metamorphosis.  This radically changed and integrated feeling into my thought and agile thinking into my feeling. This cleared the way to use change for understanding development in stead of needing statistics to prove differences. A Goethean science in stead of a Kantian science. This lead me to understanding the plant language described by Wilhelm Pelikan.

Homeopath Dr. Berkeley Digby.

We spent time together in nature and he taught homeopathy at the Cape Town Medical school where I was fortunate in being able to attend. I learned a lot about symptoms moving about the body and soul. That a single source of disruption can be suppressed into the body to become a worse chronic disease or it can be pushed out and down and reappear in sequence backwards in time. That was the healing process that Constantine Herring.

Dr. Digby also taught a lot about seeing homeopathy through the prism of the five organ systems.

Dr. David Lilley

He taught homeopathy at the Cape Town Medical school. He taught a lot about understanding through the lens of element development though the evolution of elements in the fusion reactions in the sun and then in the super nova.

The late Traditional healer  Phillip Kubukeli (Nqnacholwa - you are thin while there is a lot of food around)  my healer teacher from Macassar in Khayelitsha and Cala in the Eastern Cape.  He taught me the bigger picture of holism in Africa, way beyond symptoms moving in the body to the causal relationships of children’s diseases in the inter personal relationships in their family and that family live in ever expanding communities.  

The late Traditional healer  Mzimawaxhosa Gugentombe, a good friend, the expert Xhosa speaking herbalist who often tried to teach me special nuances with his limited English.

The late Traditional healer  Mangete Kubukeli (Hombeliyeza – keep the medicines clean) who is like a brother and was always prepared to help.

  He lived in Mossel Bay.  

Carlos Castaneda. His writings led me deeper into the understanding of the medicine wheel and the virtues needed to overcome their challenges.   He also made me aware of the assembly point and how a shaman develops a rod rather than a point.

Alberto Villoldo   His book on losing parts of the soul and how to change your contracts to recover them was the key to my better understanding that world.

Dr. David Hawkins   His chart of consciousness gave me a framework  to test where we were in our awareness.

Dr. Jan Scholten

This leading homeopath has brought endless insights into healing.  He developed the concept of the parallels between the life of Hercules to the 17 periods of the lanthanides. In finding the parallels between the medicine wheel and the lanthanides I was challenged to find all 17 virtues to overcome the extended challenges of the hole gradual development of virtues: the holy grail.

And then there are all the patients that bring an endless array of conditions and personal struggles to the present moment that needs to be addressed and dealt with.  There is no better teaching than seeing a solution work.

When seeing patterns repeat and being able to predict outcomes  of treatment then at last we are working with a science.