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Bulbine frutescens

Bulbine frutescens          

Afrikaans:  Balsem kopiva - this name will be noticed on the bottles of traditional Cape Dutch Remedies.

                  Nierbossie  - this name as kidney bush comes from the use of its roots to make a tea for the kidneys.  

English: Bulbinella -  this name for it was popularised but unfortunately the name is actually the genus name of closely related species that have no gel component in the leaves but otherwise looks identical to the Bulbine genus. Both of them have filaments branching out the pollen stamens.  

IsiXhosa:  Ibucu


It is easy to recognise because the leaves look like thin green pencils standing up from the ground and the yellow flowers have fluffy hairs on the pollen stamens.  The leaves are easy to break off and are full of a juicy gel.


This leaf -gel is mostly known for its use in covering scratches and grazes and that it staunches blood immediately where there are minor injuries.  

What it is known for in the Xhosa culture is its amazing ability to reduce eczema. That does not mean it only helps to treat it externally, but if taken internally is helps to cover the gut lining.  If you are suffering from leaky gut syndrome where half digested food leaks through the gaps in the intestine walls into the bloodstream and sets up a hypersensitive reaction in your immune system, then this is most likely for you.

All you need is to eat three leaves before every meal.


What a boon this plant is.  It is easy to grow as it is a succulent and transplanting a piece is really easy.