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Carpobrotus edulis

Carpobrotis edulis

Afrikaans: Suurvy

English:     Sour fig

IsiXhosa:  Gcukuma

Description and diagnostic features   

It is a succulent smooth leafed sprawling plant  that mostly grows on sandy soils. The outer edges of the leaves have a red tinge. The flowers are yellow.  Sometimes the old shrivelling flowers have a pink hue.     A different species, C. actinaciformis, has bright pink flowers.

Part used:          

   Leaves  and fruits.


Chewing the leaves will release juice and immediately give relief  to a sore throat.

It is fine to swallow the juice.

Fruits are cooked up with sugar and water to make a pleasant healing jam.  

The leaf juice also relieves the sting of any insect and even bluebottles from the ocean. The juice also relieves the sting of Herpes zoster.  Once the sting is relieved it is good to seal the open sore with Bulbine  gel or a poultice of  Lobostemon fruticosus ( our local comfrey), an even better sealer.


It will only treat the sore throat of a cold but not relieve the rest of cold and flu symptoms.


Well drained sandy soils.


It is easily propagated by placing a stolon with leaves on the soil.