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Your dark side

Hercules was challenged by many situations throughout his life. These challenges are  mirrored in the lives of healers and seekers. The symptoms that can be healed by  the Lanthanides in homeopathic form and their sequence in the Periodic table is brought together with the story of Hercules in this course.

This is a two day course  that explores

1)   Hercules's history and 17 stages of development through his life including the 12 labours.

2) How they fit into the medicine wheel and underworld development.

It would be useful but not essential to have done the “Healers Workshop”  as  background. The Hercules story adds another two stages between each of the four stages described in the medicine wheel, plus the four chambers of the underworld in the same sequence as describes from South America.

3) Lanthanides and what you can treat with them.

Recognising the symptoms that can be treated with the Lanthanides and how they correspond to the stages of development.

Seekers who have reached the stage of self discipline, realise that they are not aware of everything about themselves.  There is an unknown or dark side.  They fall into one of the 17 traps of value assumptions and start fighting or disciplining themselves.  In this they attack part of themselves that they see as foreign or dark. This causes the auto immune diseases.  It is very difficult for us to find our way out of the dilemma but by using the potentised Lanthanides as homeopathic medicine it has become within everyone's reach to succeed.  This also gives us a clear picture of where we are at and where we are stuck. These awesome revelations have been made possible by the work of Med Dr. Jan Scholten.

Are you one of the people who always talk about the need to be free and independent and cannot bear small talk. If you are in the dilemma of trying to deal with those people, then this course should help you navigate through the frustration.

These 17 conditions also reveal the traps that we accept as reasonable assumptions and the labours or pain and struggle that comes from it. These are often the main theme of our underworld contracts.    Then there are the 17 virtues that set us free from the suffering we had set ourselves up for.  Accepting and practicing these allow us to welcome back our lost soul fragments.

Please let me know if you are interested and which dates near the end of the month you would prefer, then I will try to make arrangements for it.

Thank you for the interest