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Here are a few of the conditions I have had to give attention to and some of the complications I came across.


There seem to be many forms of arthritis.  They all seem associated with a melancholic nature and the presence of a dark Earth elemental. It is as if the person brings the Earth element into his body in such a way that the mineral crystallizing qualities take a hold in the soft tissues.

The real issue, is that the person does not have the correct relationship with the earth. The easiest way of developing the right relationship with Mother Earth is by kneeling on the Earth and let your feeling reach down respectfully into the Earth to the depth that your feet would be if you could straiten your legs from the kneeling position into the earth.  There you will experience your Earth Centre about the size of a tennis ball.   It resonates with the centre of the Earth.  Becoming aware of your earth centre puts you immediately into contact with the Earth.  This way we feel what the earth needs, and we can receive the energy of manifestation from the earth.  If we do not accept this earth energy it becomes wasted and the Earth elementals reach out to absorb it.   

Besides the correct connection to the earth there are contributing factors that aggravate the mineralization:

 1. Excessive amounts of sulphur in the diet will leach out the calcium from the bones and it will be excreted through the urine.  The source of the sulphur can be

1. Excessive protein in the diet, especially animal protein that is very rich in sulphur.  When the body converts the protein into sugar, the nitrogen and sulphur it  removes become a hazard when they are present in excessive quantities.

2. Beverages like wine and beer, especially the sweeter ones, often had their fermentation process stopped by the addition of sulphur.

3. Many soft drinks have added sulphur as a preservative.

4. Dried fruit is often sulphured to preserve it and prevent oxidation discolouring it, making it more pleasing to the eye.

2. Another contributing factor is the lack of boron. A boron deficiency prevents some enzymes from functioning but it especially important in letting fibres slip over one another easily.  In the absence of boron the chromosomes do not slip apart easily during cell division and break up causing hectic damage. The cells with a loss of the full chromosome package, cannot produce fully functional cells. This causes damage in areas where rapid cell growth has to repair surfaces under constant wear and tear as in joints.   It has been estimated that 70% of arthritis sufferers have a boron deficiency.  

3. Selenium is another essential chemical element needed for enzymes involved in the health of membranes.

4. Incomplete oxidation of sugars turns them into into acids. This is a process that happens in the cell protoplasm. The acids then await the further oxidation process that takes place in the mitochondria.  This build op of acids happen when sugars are delivered into our system too suddenly as when we eat refined carbohydrate foods.  The speed with which food turns into sugars and enters into the blood stream can be measured and is called the glycemic index.   Sugars can also be stimulated into being released into our body in excessive amounts by stimulants like coffee and tobacco.  The high sugar levels that cause the acid, in turn stimulate the rise of soluble calcium levels.  When the sugar levels suddenly drop (because they are not being supplied in a sustained way) the calcium needs to be redeposited in the bones. In those areas where there is relatively poor circulation such as tendons and cartilage this cannot happen quickly enough and the excess calcium forms crystals with the uric acid released from the protein.

5. Excess acid also effects the lymph system.  The moment excess acid threatens the lymph buffer complex and takes it out of a neutral state, the immune system loses its effectiveness.  One litre of carbonised sweetened soft drink contains the equivalent of about 20 teaspoons of sugar. It is enough to halve our white blood cell count.  The moment our bodies go acid the body tries to warn us by making our tonsils swell up and then we get the typical strep throat.  The strep refers to a streptococcus bacteria that consists of strep or rows of cocci or little balls.  These streptococci enters the bloodstream through the infected tonsils in the throat.  They corrode the filaments holding the heart valves. They also form temporary colonies in the joints where they give symptoms of arthritis.  As the body overcomes these colonies, they disappear, but in the mean time they are developing colonies in another joint.  This is the reason for so called wandering arthritis or referred to colloquially in Afrikaans as “fliende jig”.

 Back pain

1. Mechanical damage.

1. Spinal twist under pressure

When you twist your spine it has to elongate. If there is pressure on it preventing it from elongating when you twist it, pieces of the projections of  the vertebrae break off and the cushions between the vertebrae get crushed and torn as they cannot slip.  Most people have not been taught how to load or unload heavy packages from a transport vehicle.  They tend to pick it up and then with the weight on their back and their feet firmly planted so as not to move them they twist their back to move the package before bending in the new twisted position.  How about that for a double whammy.  Guaranteed to destroy the back.

Repair can be done by making space for the cushions to regrow and keep the pressure off the nerves. To regrow the cushions we need to sleep in a position where there is no pressure on the ends of the backbone. To do this exercise, make sure the blankets on your bed have already been drawn aside. Then sit on the edge of your bed facing your cushion.  Sit with your knees bent and your feet under your bottom. The diamond pose. Then lean forward and place your chin on your knees and your face on the bed.  Put your elbows next to your ears.  After 5 minutes your back will be stretched out. Place your cushion next to your head.  Roll over to the side and without further movement of your back, pull the blankets over your body and sleep.  Within two weeks the pain should be relieved.

2. Collapsed arches of the feet

Few people realize what the consequences of collapsed arches are.  The nerves that run from the bottom of the arch up along the leg and through the pelvic girdle into the ganglia of the central nervous system in the backbone are made of a bundle of cells that run the full length. Those cells are about a metre long.  When the arches collapse the length they need to reach increases with a few millimetres but the nerve cells cannot exactly stretch as they are highly developed specialized structures. This puts a tension on the back and resulting pain.  This also happens with fast growing teenagers that get leg pains, often called growing pains.  Later in life with a fairly fixed stabilised length, changing the shape and arch support of your shoes can suddenly give rise to great pain. Having grown up with fashionable shaped and supporting high heels, it is a disaster to relax into flat shoes or slops without any arch support if you can not support your own arches.

 2. Chemical damage

The calcium is dissolved out of your back bone and it starts collapsing.

1. Arthritis does this.

2. During menopause, about 20% of the calcium is lost out of the skeleton. The higher the initial levels of calcium, the less the damage.  High levels are assured by correct diet and sufficient exercise of girls in their teenage years.  That time when it is most difficult to get them moving.

3. Infection damage:  

1. Encephalitis can cause pain in the neck.  See headache.

2. Herpes viral infection in the spinal nerves can be burning and acute.  Sometimes the Herpes infection only becomes apparent when the Herpes gets out of control when Immune deficiency occurs.

 4. Lack of toning or the contraction of the circular smooth muscles in the back can cause a lot of pain in the back.  Too much relaxation or sleep can cause it. Some people cannot sleep without a ridged bed that hold their back together. The easiest way to stimulate the toning is by actively contracting and relaxing the anus.  Gunnera in small quantities can be useful.

 5. Inappropriate thoughts

The backbone is the carrier of much of our thinking and is disturbed by wrong thinking.

1. Stress and tension can cause constant pressure on the back causing the same dangers as lifting weights. This is caused by the striated muscles trying to shorten the back.

2. No own thoughts but only bandying other's opinions, can cause pain all over.

3. Very strong personal opinions can cause intense contractions and dislocations all over.  They are often very egocentric and loquacious. Cimicifuga racemosa CH30

4. Strong opinions of knowing better than others and having to do everything yourself  causes severe lower back pain.

 5. Not expressing your needs in your family will lead to pain between the shoulder blades.

6. Being unsure on ones position and responsibilities at work creates tension in the shoulders and neck.  It happens especially to the boss or if the boss criticizes you.  Amanita muscaria CH30  helps.

6. Damage to the Ida or Pingela (the energy rivers up the spine) can cause energy leaks out of the back.  These energy leaks will attract beings that live on this energy.  This energy is often called the energy of the internal serpent or dragon. The Kundalini dragon.  If it leaks out an external dragon may come to live off it. The two rivers or currents are variously coloured red-brown or blue-green.  Depending on which energy leaks out determines the colour of the dragon.  The damage can be from a severance of the current tube which also includes damage to the crystal body.  This appears as a crack and misalignment in the crystal body.  The only way to permanently heal this situation is by healing the crystal body and reconnecting the tubes.  Once the larger than normal flow of energy is re-established it is important for the patient to start practising drawing the excess energy from the head down through the tongue past the heart into the stomach area where it can be stored behind the navel.

Depression and stress

I noticed that people with depression have demons or impundulu sitting on them.  These beings are attracted to people who give off the energy of feelings of disgust and judgement.  This energy is the food of these demons and attract them as surely as burning a piece of meat on an open fire attracts flies.  They are just as difficult as flies to get rid of if the fried meat is not removed.  The demons will eat the disgust and clear up the atmosphere but the trouble is they cause the shadow of despair that is the feeling of depression.

So how not to pass judgement and not to feel disgust?  First one needs to see the value in everyone so that we can not judge ourselves as “more important” or “right” or “good” or “significant”.  Humility comes from seeing the good in everyone.  The big thing everyone can offer you is their unique experience.  Without it you will have to go through it personally.  So anything you judge beneath you, you will have to experience yourself.  Rather accept the experience with interest and attention and sympathy and be free.

With humility you remove self importance and anger that flows from it.  There is a herb that can develop the experience of humility.  It is “solsenitchwa” or  Psoralea pinnata or its close relatives.

Humility is being equal to all other people and beings.  Less than is the same as better than, because it puts you on a ladder or pyramid. Get off it and be equal.


1. The enlargement of the thyroid gland is what is called goitre.  It is well known that a shortage of iodine in our diet can cause the development of goitre.   In the absence of iodine the active thyroid growth hormone can not be produced.           The thyroid attempts to produce more of the growth hormone we need.   The thyroid steps up its production of the precursor of the enzyme and enlarges to do so.

 2. Then there is the kind of goitre caused by a particular kind of coping mechanism. Some people feel they have an advantage over other's if they can keep them frightened.  

The first person I studied with goitre used to come up to me from the back and would then slap down a ruler next to me to see how high I would jump.  I saw him doing this to other employees too. One of the characteristic feature's of people with goitre was the development of enlarged eyes that looked as if the were staring out at you in a threatening way.

Another noticeable characteristic is that they hold back and don't greet people immediately on meeting them.  This maintains a feeling of insecurity in the people they meet giving the goitre person the frightening advantage.

The simple treatment for this kind of goitre is teaching the people to actively step forward with a smile and introducing themselves to strangers.  This may seem simple enough but extremely difficult for goitre sufferers.

I have seen cases of goitre that were declared incurable healed within three months with this change of behaviour.


Headaches can be caused by a wide variety of issues.

1. Insufficient water.  If you neglect to drink water it can cause pain by the brain no longer being able to float in the cavity of the head.  It can also be caused by the inability to maintain the water balance and losing it too easily. Homeopathic Nat Mur is very good to treat this.

2. Build-up of toxins in the brain through:

1. constipation

2. poisoning

1. over use of alcohol, sugar, tobacco or caffeine.

 2. MSG. Mono Sodium Glutamate

3. Artificial sweeteners

4. Medication

5. Oral contraceptives

3. the liver not detoxing

1. jaundice

 2. anger causing the liver to produce toxins and preventing detoxing.

1. cobra poison

2. Bufo rana toxin

4. not digesting food,  and then microbes in the intestine producing toxins from them.  Often the cause of migraines.

 3. High blood pressure

1. Stress tension can cause contraction of the blood vessels reducing the volume of blood they can transport.

2. Stress can cause the production of cholesterol that accumulates in the blood vessels and blocks them.

3. The blood vessels can become blocked with sugar deposits in people with diabetes.

4. Stroke. i.e. Blood vessel bursting in head.  I found it is invariably associated with people who do not want to be a burden on others and constantly want to help others.  Leonotis also helps to develop the strength of arteries.

5. Change in the weather with accompanying change in air pressure.

6. Constant mental concentration to try and reason out a solution to problems moves the attention exclusively to the front of the head and causes a headache there.  Walking backwards can help break the locking of the attention to the front of the head.

7. Concentration to do things exactly right can lead to another condition of reasoning and thinking combined in the front of the head that leads to sinus congestion and headache. Try walking backwards and using  homoeopathic Kali Bic.

8. Trying to read and concentrate without glasses or glasses with the wrong prescription can cause headache

9. Looking at arc welding without protective glasses can cause serious pain. Treat with Gloninum 200ch.

10. Sunstroke or snow glare can cause severe headache.  Gloninum 200

11. Tick bite fever or malaria can cause headache.  Chin Sulph 200  Eupatorium 30

12. Headache in the temples can be caused by a black witch which reaches in through the temples and controls the eyes. Easiest to disconnect with oil mixed with isibarha (Pepper bark tree,Warburgia) .

 13. Tension and splinting of the muscles over the skull due to injury can prevent the bone scull plates from moving in their hinges.  This is mostly a hammering headache due to the pressure caused in the head by the spinal pump that can not be relieved by movement in the head plates.

 14. An injury to the head during youth can actually cause one scull plate to push over the edge of another causing long term pressure.

15. Lack of sleep.

16.  Just before or during menses.

17. Blocked sinuses, colds or flu.

18. Reduction of circulation

Occulation of capillaries by the ballooning of cells from the capillary walls in to the capillaries. Found the use of homeopathic crayfish excellent for this.

19. Dilation of arteries in head puts pressure on the brain tissue around them.

1. This can be caused by the brain requiring more circulation due to lack of oxygen or glucose.

2. The effect of bronchial dilators on the vessels in the head.

20. Pain of blood vessels on the outside of the scull being perceived as pain in the head. Some new medical procedures make use of cauterising these to remove headaches.

21. The nerve column sheathes in the neck can get stuck together by infection or inflammation. This damage is called encephalitis and causes a stiff neck and can even lead to death.  The homeopathic medicine Nat Sulph restores moisture flow over and through the membranes and gives instant relief.

 22. Tumour development in the brain or spinal chord.  The three cases that I saw all had their origin in the irritation of sub clinical rabies virus infection and though the Homeopathic nosode gave some temporary relief, that was still only temporary.

23. After repairing the ida or pingala or shushumna in the back the increased energy flow to the head can cause energy congestion and pain.  It can also be experienced as heat on that side of the head that now has a restored energy flow.  It is important to stimulate the flow of the energy down through the tongue and past the heart to the point behind the navel where it can be stored.

24. As in the case above, energy can become congested when people try to raise the energy up their spine and instead just move it up.  Raising energy leads to an expanded experience of space and slowing down of time as the frequency is raised.  Moving it up the spine literally just moves it through space to another part of the body.

25. Ancestors may try to inform us of problems but because we ignore their admonitions, and knocking at the door of our awareness, we experience pain as they knock harder and harder to try and get our attention.  This is a form of “twasa disease”

Ovarian cyst

I first met ovarian cysts in cattle as a farmer.  They occurred on one of the cows in a herd that had no bull.  The cow that gets them, stops going through menstrual cycles and becomes very defensive.  She becomes the herd's protector.  Basically she takes on male aggressive behaviour to make up for the absence of a bull.

I have seen this repeatedly in women who start fighting with men.  Women need to learn how to use their own power, their guile, and not to imitate men.  The way you do it, is to ask a man pointedly how he would resolve a particular problem in a particular situation.  That puts his mind into a receptive state in which he is looking for an answer.  Then you think of the answer and wait.  If you succeeded in getting his mind in to a receptive state, he will pick up on your ideas within moments and when he says it you congratulate him.  He may however not think that the idea is good and discard it, continuing to look for another.  If he accepts your idea he thinks that he found it and you get him to do exactly what you want.  This is however only possible if you can let go the need to be seen as the originator of the idea.  It is putting down your self importance and recognition by others.  Other women will no doubt recognise what is going on.   If you can do that the anger will go and so too the cysts.

There are a few medicines that will help this process.  Homeopathic shark will make the body recognise what it is doing and that this anger is no good.

The herb that is most effective is the root of the aromatic thatch grass from the Transkei.  If you make a tea of it and drink a few cups of it per day then most of the cysts will be gone within two weeks.  This can be confirmed with a sonar scan. For lasting effect you still have to transform your anger and desire for domination to the capacity to guide and influence others by letting them have the freedom to search for solutions themselves.


The thatch grass roots do not only act on cysts but on all anger from lack of recognition.  Credo Mutwa told me that if all the prisoners were given gallons of this tea to drink they would soon be peaceful as lambs.  

This grass grows upwards in strong stems that look like spears or arrows but then the leaves hang down in curls that dance and bounce in the wind.  Cysts are hard and enclosed as are the hard hollow stems of the grass, but the leaves bring in the delicate flowing beautiful quality.  They are rich in organically bound silica.  Homeopathic silica is used to extract any hard penetrating splinters and irritations.

Disease conditions