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Dodonea angustifolia

Dodonea angustifolia

Afrikaans: Sandolien

English : Sand olive

IsiXhosa: Mutzuwe

Description and diagnostic features   

It is a very aromatic plant with thin waxy looking leaves when young.  It looks like a little tree similar to a Port Jackson. The fruits are winged like combretum.

Part used       

Leaves.  Extracted by placing fresh leaves in olive oil for a month then pouring the oil into small bottles.

Leaves can also be covered with boiling water and the aroma inhaled to give quick relief from allergic colds and any other allergic reaction.


It is wonderful to soothe allergic reactions in the body such as streaming eyes and even for itchy skin.    

Warning          It does not work for everybody.

Habitat             Well drained hilly and sandy soils.

Propagation    Seed.