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Spirit beings associated

with human illnesses


Peter M von Maltitz

The medicine name given to me was

Zanemvula – comes with the rain


When I started studying with Phillip Kubukeli  I discovered that one can actively develop a seeing of other worlds and the spirit beings that live in them.  Then one has to learn to distinguish what one sees.

They only taught me to look with new eyes and respect God and the ancestors.

Only when I saw all these other beings in and on sick people would they offer a name with which to refer to them.  

The easiest way to learn what they are doing there and why, is simply to ask them.  They will immediately tell you why they are there as long as you relate to them as a friend and have the ears to hear their message.

For those who cannot yet see these things for themselves, I offer descriptions and ways to experience them. As there seems to be so much confusion about so called bad spirits [Ensink, Robertson 2007] it is a good idea to look at the different kinds of spirit beings and what they cause under different conditions. Then it is easier to distinguish how  they can be treated or removed.  A few herbs are mentioned for helping in the process.  

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Table of Contents

    Spirit beings associated with human illnesses ..1

Ghosts or Isitunzela        .......................    4

Ancestors or Izinyanya  ............................4

Thwasa  ...................................................4

Schizophrenia and possession  ..................4

Blocked Kundalini flow up the Shushumna 7

Black witch ..............................................7

Impundulu ................................................9

Dragon or  Mamlambo ...........................10

Hairless monkey .....................................12

Previous life personality ...........................12


Femba curse ............................................ 13

Amafufunyana ..........................................14

Anorexia and Bulimia ...............................14

Asura .......................................................14

Ghosts or Isitunzela

After you die and your body falls away, you are known as a ghost.  You are still here just as you would be in a dream without your body.  If you are attached to the pleasures of this world or to a place you helped build, or your family, you will keep hanging about.  You should really let go of this world and go to the light.  

The bark of the tree Umphafa (Buffalo-thorn, Ziziphus mucronata ) is powdered and extracted in hot water to make a rinse to wash your body  to prevent ghosts following you home from a funeral.

Ancestors or Izinyanya

After you have gone to the place of light on the other side and sorted out your own problems you can be invited back by your family to be of assistance.  This is usually done one to two years after the funeral and is called ukucuqulwa kwezinyanya.  The help that they expect to get from the ancestors are as intermediaries with the spirit world and to get things to happen in this world.  The ancestors are asked to organising fortunate meetings for us with the right people and getting a favourite response from them. When you are doing this work of helping your descendent  you are called a Ancestor.   Sometimes an ancestor will become very agitated and try to attract your attention to a dire situation that you are in without you having realized how dire it is.  Things fall or break and it is time to consult someone who can talk openly to the ancestors and let you know what is going on.  This is the primary function of a “traditional healer” or igqirha.


At other times an ancestor might insist on using you as a medium for it to bring special help or teaching to your community. The ancestor usually tries to get through to your mind or heart. Because you have not trained to hear the messages all you get are headaches or a pounding heart every time you think of doing the wrong thing.  This is called ukuthwasa the disease of the trainee or Thwasa.

Trying to gain access the ancestors the use of fire is most prevalent.  The most commonly burnt herb for this communication is Imphephu. (Helichrysum spp. )

Schizophrenia & possession

One problem that ghost have is that they can stay trapped in this earthbound state for a long time and their subjective reality just keeps on playing itself out as if a damaged record keeps on repeating the phrase over and over.  If they were killed in war battle they often repeat the attack on their enemies endlessly. This is why war veterans are often caught in the repetitive trauma of the ghosts of the people they killed.

Because of the loneliness and attachment to this world the ghosts may hang around people for company. In time they discover that the only time they can communicate with people is during their sleep or if they can get into the persons body while they are absent. If you are absent or out of control of your body in any situation other than sleep, without previously organising protection, you may become invaded by ghosts. The most common causes of being open to invasion is: general anaesthetic, big fright, using alcohol or drugs, praying for anything out there in the universe to come help you!!  Sometimes they will even enter at birth if the baby is desperate to get out and calls for help.

Many people have ghosts with them in their bodies.  This usually causes an extra voice of criticism that some people mistake for their conscience.  This is actually schizophrenia or an extra human voice.  It can even be seen in a brain scan as an extra electrical storm.

There are three consequences to taking an extra spirit or ghost on board. They are the same consequences as getting pregnant. First you are usually nauseous in the beginning. Then you notice the presence of new desires and aversions and interests. Thirdly you notice that you may develop certain pains or eczema that you did not previously experience. These pains can usually not be found to have a sensible physical or medical basis. All these conditions disappear after the pregnancy ends or the ghost is removed.

The most common approach in South Africa to removing ghosts is increasing the nausea.  Various herbs are used to induce vomiting.  This helps the patient recognise what is foreign to him and try to eject it.  These medicines for vomiting are commonly called Gaba.  Various plants are known by the common name of Gaba.

Some of the irritants like river sage are dangerous to give to children as the needle shaped particles can penetrate the gut wall, land in the bloodstream and seriously damage the kidneys.

Usually these voices are relatively benign and do not cause much problems unless you decide to try to meditate only to discover there is no way of turning off the extra voices in your head.

Sometimes these voices become dominating and can temporarily take over your awareness. During such spells the dominating voice replaces your awareness and you have a blackout and cannot recall anything of what happened. This is temporary possession.  Often the ghost needs  extra leverage to take over.  Often it is something like alcohol which tips the balance out of your control and the possessing ghost  takes over control of the body. As in alcoholism the person loses control completely after the first drink, changes their personality, goes on a complete binge and then afterwards has no recall of what happened. Those are the typical symptoms of schizophrenia with possession.  I have seen people with as many as nine ghosts in their bodies with them. The ghosts usually lobby that you should do something the way they want it.  They do not ask you to kill yourself as the amafufunyana do.

You can feel the presence of the ghost with the person by feeling over the attachment site of the ghost.  Where the ghost attaches to the patient there is the feeling of a warm ring about five cm in diameter. This feels different to a chakra that has an even warmth.  In the centre of the ring you hear a hollowness and if you listen there is an echoing sound.  This is very typical of  ghost energy.  On closer observation the ghost will be seen to be attached with tentacles that protrude from his stomach area. They are not as easy to see as the attachment sites on the body.  These tentacles also extend from living people and is an expression of their intent. I “A separate reality” Carlos Castaneda relates how Don Joan and his friend Don Genaro tries to make him see these tentacles but without success. [Casteneda 1991]

The healers from South America says that the ghosts always attach through chakras but in my experience they mostly hold on to some organ through a crack in the crystal body.

I prefer to get the patient to recognise and reject the ghost.  Then I warm up the attachment sites of the ghost on the body to soften the tentacles.  Then I invite the ghost over to myself and withdraw the tentacles from the body of the patient.  Once separated I take the ghost to the other worlds to meet its family or where it can continue its journey of development.

Blocked Kundalini flow

up the Shushumna

Once a certain development on the path of integration of our sense of duality has occurred, the Kundalini power from the base of the spine starts to stream up the central channel in our back (Shushumna) and slowly awaken the chakras one by one up towards the head.  As it flows, the stream slowly increases in velocity and volume.  If the patient has a great emotional disappointment in a relationship and closes down their heart, the flow gets blocked.  Now it starts to flood into the lower body.  This causes absolute havoc as it arouses the sexual energies and some people feel as if they have an almost constant orgasm.  It may be fun at first but becomes totally distracting and exhausting if you try to work and do life.  The only real thing to do is to clear your mind of any selfish thought and open your heart to pour out impersonal unconditional love again.  You must have done it before otherwise the Kundalini energy would not be flowing this strongly. If you did it before you can do it again. It is no use blaming other entities of possession or psychic attacks.

Black witch

The black witch looks like black wings fluttering as seen in strobe light.  It goes for people who try to control the people around them.  This control is enhanced by the black witch entering through the temples and protruding their arms through the eyes.  The look in the eyes then become quite hard and dominating. It is also associated with headache pains in the temples.  Rubbing oil with “isibarha” on the temples immediately cuts off this control and the patient can relax.


The next kind of entity is a being that looks like a small dinosaur that jumps on you from out of the sky.  It is mostly found on the upper part of the body down to as far as the waist.  It can crawl around on the body or hang in the sky over the body.  This is called a Impundulu in Xhosa. I have called it a daemon but it is also known as a devil or demon in the bible or a luciferic being. The bigger ones seem to have what looks like wings and they certainly can move through the air. They tend to cause a feeling of heaviness and depression.  They are attracted by feelings of disgust. If you generate any feeling of haughtiness or disgust or superiority towards other people, you are making their food and they will come for a meal. They look as if they have large back legs and feet and keep on kicking at their host so that the host becomes quite rattled.  I can confirm that many people with Tuberculosis tendencies also have impundulu present on them. The Xhosa healers often say that people with TB have been kicked in the chest by the impundulu.

If you feel with your hands towards the patient starting about a meter away you can feel where the impundulu sits on the person. Small ones feel like about the size of a cat or monkey and they give you a distinct feeling of prickling in the surface of your hands. One also gets the impression of many teeth.  They look like a cross between a porcupine and a small dinosaur. These spirits can be quite small but reach enormous sizes and these looks like thunder clouds.  Large ones are even called lightning birds.  The dark “ongeluks voël” on the roof is another form of them.

If the person being affected by the impundulu is sensitive he may start feeling as if there is a penetration into his upper body especially of the eye. He feels as if he is going insane. It is called ukuphambana. They feel as if something is boring into their eyes and then start to see or hear things happening there as if they are looking at a cinema. They sometimes hear something trying to get into their ear that sounds like a buzzing fly. They may resort to reading non stop day and night to try to distract themselves.

When they become very fearful they may start rushing about and break things in their attempt to escape. They become so strong that it takes several grown men to hold down an affected person.

If the impundulu gains access into the chest because it is inflamed then it will give feelings of restriction and breathing can become difficult and tight.  The medicine called Pamba,  ( a rhizome from a lily-like flower)  can give instant relief as the impundulu leaves. There is a great feeling of calm descending as the impundulu leaves.

I have used a few drops of Pamba tincture in water to get the results.

The agitation will prevent them from sleeping and they eat very little.

These people can become so rattled and fearful that they want to run away at night. It is called ukuphaphazela.  

Other plants, that give relief, are

1) Maluleka ( oak leafed wax berry, Myrica quercifolia) a protective plant in which you can bath or powder it and use as snuff to reduce the pressure on the head.

2)  isiDagwa ( Dioscorea dregeana ) that will give you an opportunity to sleep.  

3)  Albuca spp.  Brandui   A  bulb that when cut up in water  and used for washing the body, causes burning on the skin.

4) Lachenalia  spp. Red onion.   Also used like Albuca.

5) iSkilpad.  Dioscorea spp.  Burns the skin like the onion.

Dragon or  Mamlambo

This spirit is attracted by the escaping energy of a broken nadi in the back or chest. The serpent energy of the Kundalini that resides in the base chakra feeds the body by streaming energy up through two channels that curve from side to side along the back bone. The one is red and the other is blue. They are called the nadies and there is the Ida and Pingala. There is also a central channel that goes straight up the centre of the back. It is called the Shushumna and  appears white. If one of these channels are broken the energy streams out of the back.  If you hold your hand over this place you can feel the energy bubbling out. If the person is standing or sitting upright then above the point of energy escape you can feel with your hand how there is a writhing feeling in this space. This is the writhing feeling of the mamlambo and it looks like a writhing snake with wings. They look like the dragons pictured in the Chinese mythology.

When I first came across these entities I thought you needed to take them away.  It does not help to take them away as another one will soon be back unless you heal the back.  I also discovered that healing the nadies in the back often gets rid of old aching back conditions that do not recover permanently from massage or chiropractic treatment.  Just healing the nadies are not good enough as they will break again within three months.  

The first thing is to establish what caused the damage in the first place.  As it is often from death in a previous life you will see a picture of the implement of murder from that time.  The patient holds on to the evidence to be able to blame the perpetrator of the pain and damage. In this life they mostly no longer remember who the perpetrator was   As soon as they can forgive the person that did it, the weapon can easily be removed.  This process of objectifying and letting go is common to many healing processes. [Watson, 1976] Then it is time to remove the pain that looks like a tangled up piece of wire. Now you can join the two ends of the broken nadi with your spirit hands and then close the crack in the crystal body.

People with a mamlambo are very prone to having accidents.  The mamlambo is also quite awe inspiring and even though people do not see it consciously they are quite frightened by its presence on other people. Thus it has become a myth that a person with a mamlambo is dangerous and controlling.  It reminds me of the story of the jackal and the lion.

One day, while a jackal was enjoying his meal of a dove,

he was fortunate enough to have pounced on, his preoccupation so distracted him so much that he did not notice the approach of a lion.  

He looked up and said to the lion.  “Did you know how dangerous I am?   Just follow five steps behind me through the forest so that you can see for yourself.”

The lion decided to observe this curious phenomena.

As they walked along the animals would first look up as Jackal approached

and then suddenly run off at great speed.  

The lion then said

“Well it seems they all agree. I think I will leave you to it and leave you alone.”

So it is with the mamlambo.

Hairless monkey

This little hairless monkey starts out quite small sitting on the left shoulder of its victim. It is the spirit being of the HIV.  It can be present even when the HIVirus is not present. It makes the patient feel as if there is something sitting on their neck and usually they stand with a little stoop. This is common not only on patients of HIV infection but also on the uninfected AIDS activists. It seems that the hairless monkey often hangs around on anyone who actively opposes HIV spread.  If they cannot create feelings of devastation on the activist it will start attacking his family.  Anything to distract and nullify his attention and resolve to fight this disease. This spirit is also associated with a mustard coloured aura and a peppery feeling. At stage two of AIDS condition it will be bigger and hang behind the patient with its fingers on the neck. At stage three it looks like a big dark rucksack on the patients back and the connection between the hairless monkey's chest and the patients heart looks like a thick tube. At stage four the black hairless ape is standing behind the patient and appears as large as the patient and is sucking all his energy out.  I have seen that this spirit will even remain with the patient after death. The dominant feeling of the patient seems to be that he feels as if he has fallen into a black hole.  If you look him in the eye there is invariably a look of accusation and then he even states openly “So what are you going to do about it?”

There is a lanthanide remedy for the feeling of having fallen into a black hole. [Scholten 2007]

Previous life personality

This is one of the more difficult things to work with.  The elements that I have found that they have in common is:

• This personality thinks that he has a right to exist because he has a special mission that is unfulfilled.

• He made some or other vow to continue upholding something beyond death.

• He usually thinks that he is protecting some secret.

• He often tries to keep an old order from another age going.

To overcome this personality you have to convince it that it is not in the best interest of his developing self and his attempts are mostly futile and fruitless because the secret is mostly already common knowledge or his oath is inappropriate.   For instance the oath of a teacher always to help and protect  his students or children in future lives when he is born in this life as their child is inappropriate in his state of inadequacy.  The internal stress and confusion can be totally debilitating. It requires research into the specific case to be successful. There is a reason for the marriage ceremony saying “until death us do part”.  To try to perpetuate something beyond the normal existence of one life's personality is looking for trouble.  

Tokeloshe  or Tikelosh

These are earth elementals who come up out of the earth. They can come up out of their own accord to eat the energy that we do not accept from the earth.  With so many religions that emphasise the light and the good and the God all the time, it is no wonder that we have lost access to the other five directions. The first one to be aware of is Mother earth as a balance to Father sky.  We need to accept the nurturing strengthening support from our Mother.  We need to gather that daily into our earth centre below our feet. If we do not absorb it the earth elementals come to eat it and only leave the crystallizing forces that cause arthritis. If you remove them from the body by lifting them off,  the pain is immediately reduced.

They can also be sent as a curse by someone to attach to our legs and debilitate us.  In that case they are mostly attached to a “trap” medicine which when set off by stepping on it will give a jolt in the leg when it attaches.  Ubhoqo, Ipomoea oblongata   [Turbina oblongata ] is used to protect us from attack from below.  It is mixed in oil and rubbed on the feet.

Other dark or red remedies that work for the tokeloshe and arthritis are:

1) Nukani  -  Stinkwood bark.

2) Bomvana

3) Aloe ferrox

Other forms or manifestations of the tokeloshe are Amafufunyana, and Femba curse.  They are interchangeable and one can morf into the other.  I think that the worst form is the feba curse (living of your blood), then the amafufunyana (living in your intestines) then the tokelosh hanging on the outside. When one works curatively this is the sequence of  healing.  

If the tokelosh returns repeatedly after the healer removing it and the patient does the daily prayers on the knees then there is an underlying infection in the body that signals to the tokelosh the person is dying.  This is usually a serious progressive deterioration caused by something like a chronic infection of Brucellosis or  some kind of tick bite fever.  It is essential to get rid of such an infection before one can have success with the Tokeloshe removal. Another name for the Tokelosh that indicates this nature of gradual dying is:  Mantindwane  -  tobacco leaves laid out to dry,

that which belongs to something that is dead and dying like tobacco leaves laid out to dry.

– ma belonging to

– tin verb, touch.   Nothing there, emptiness, dryness (moisture is life)

– dwane tobacco leaves.

Illustration 4: tokeloshe hanging from legs

Femba curse

This is one of the rather nasty curses that really makes people miserable. It causes other people to avoid you and mostly you lose your work.  It is made by taking some blood or your blood and mixing it with clay.  A human figurine is made of that.  A mineral spirit of the clay now having taken on the shape of a human also experiences the awareness that goes with the decaying blood. It seeks more blood to live from so it is not averse to being transferred to your body. It then constantly feeds of your blood and you feel exhausted, depressed and shunned.  The easiest way to break its bond to you is by bringing down a handful of golden light from your “Sun” chakra, an arms length above your head, down to your heart centre and let it burn out all links and bindings that are not of your making.  While bringing down this handful of golden light it is important that it remains linked with a thread to the “sun” chakra. This thread allows all the pictures of the decaying forms to return to the sun centre where all the archetypes belong. As the burning separates the pictures from the mineral being it falls out like dust.   

Because it includes an earth elemental it can also be classed as a special tokeloshe form. Sometimes after separating it from the mineral element it withdraws into the intestines of the patient and then transforms into the amafufunyana format.


If we have an inflammation in the digestive system, it does not work so well and can even stop working. The ability of the intestine to “see” the food and destroy it, is essential for it to function as a digestive organ. If it stops looking at the food due to inflammation, it can then turn its attention to the lower astral world.  This is what has been known as the old “atavistic clairvoyance” and is not desirable.  It may give you a “gut” feel about certain situations but its use is limited.  There are enough nerve cells in the wall of the intestine to make up the nervous system of a cat.

Most people that have had a serious bout of Jaundice tell you of the frightening visions they had at the height of their disease and mostly at night.  The dark shadowy figures that strike threatening poses around you will tell of curses and threats and threaten you if you do not do what they say.  This is typical experience if you have been sensitised to their presence.

The first line of defence is to shut down their access to your mind by restoring the balance in your digestion.  Eat regular small meals six times a day to keep the digestion completely regular and active all the time.

Remedies most useful to pull in the digestion are:

1) Chamomile tea especially with a bit of added pepper.

2) Isibarha or pepper bark tree. Warburgia salutaris  Do the future of humanity a favour and plant one in your garden.

3) Dock root  and fennel seed mix.

4) River pumpkin can also be added in small quantities. Less than half of a teaspoon dried rhizome powder per day.

Most western people are so hypnotized to believe that all their consciousness is in their head that they think these threats from the negative mind only happens in their head, yet when they talk of their negativity they often unconsciously point at their stomach.  In the Xhosa world it is generally called a worm that talks from the stomach and is called Amafufunyana.  When I was first introduced to isibarha (Warburgia salutaris) by the Traditional Healer Gugentombe in Khayelitsha, he said this medicine was there to kill the worm that talks from the stomach. It can be noted that the murderer Stafendas remained adamant up to his death that it was a worm in his stomach who insisted that he kill the then president.  It is poetic that President Nelson Mandela later planted an isibarha tree at the entrance of Kirstenbosch gardens.  It was a long time later that I saw the bigger picture.

I have often seen the destructive activity of amafufunyana in South Africa and in Ireland so that I cannot go along with the idea that it is culture bound.  It is like the story of the European who said that he thought only Indians had chakras to which a Indian retorted “ Does that mean only Europeans have kidneys? “  

One of the materials that are useful in driving the amafufunyana onto the outside of the body is the dried spiked skin of a puffer fish. The skin is burnt to a charcoal and then ground up to form a powder to ingest. Further  grinding it in sugar works well too.

Anorexia and Bulimia

Before I saw an eating disorder myself I thought it might be a ghost because they can also often be heard as voices. What an eye opener that was. The absolutely dead pan emotional state of someone who has been bullied into almost total submission by the negative mind. The book by Peggy Claude-Pierre :  The Secret Language of Eating Disorders  [Claude-Pierre 1997] has been the most enlightening and trustworthy for me because she gets results with her analysis and process of overcoming the CNC (Confirmed negative condition) by helping a person with the disorder overcome their subjectivity.

The basic story is this: (with my comments in brackets)

The child wants the world to be perfect.  ( Homeopathic picture of Ignatia)

The child wants to please everyone. ( picture of Silica )

The child thinks s/he is responsible for this state of the world. (pic of Causticum)

      We can play into their plot by allowing them to take on responsibility too soon.

      As adults we have to tell them that we will look after them and they do not need

            to worry or  care for us.

       The child does not develop a normal objective world view.

The child feels devastated that life does not turn out perfectly.  She is totally caught up in her subjective world view.  (This anxiety can stop the digestion working.)

She feels she has failed the world and does not deserve anything, not even life. This shows how the excessive virtue of caring for the world, can lead to self sacrifice.

The child from the age of three can land in this state. The CNC . Confirmed negative condition. The CNC uses the negative mind to bully the normal mind.

Now the voice appears ( voice of the amafufunyana) that states that

1) she is useless and does not deserve to eat as she has no right to life. ( this keeps the gut in a condition that assures the amafufunyana access to the mind.)

2) and keeps on threatening her by telling her that it will kill someone near her if she does not obey it.

3) Eventually it will even instruct her to jump into oncoming traffic to kill herself as she is so worthless. The suicide voice.

4) Because of the convinced worthlessness they find it almost impossible to ask for help and accept even more blame for not being able resist the negative mind.  

In her confusion she starts to do things that appear to others as negative and bad.   Unfortunately every criticism and blame by her parents and friends are used by the CNC as ammunition to prove to her that she really is a bad person and useless.

In the initial stages of therapy the negative mind will try very hard to maintain control to the point that it can cause the patient to go into a trance state.

The cure consists primarily in 24 hrs. per day support and company and discussion so that the normal mind can find itself and get support to handle what comes from the negative mind.

Once the normal mind can totally objectify and neutralise the arguments of the negative mind and once the digestion is reestablished in a normal rhythm then the condition is cured for life.

Asura or Isilwane

I have been looking for this entity for a long time because I once read that Dr R Steiner thought it would become a big problem in the future.  Then it happened.  I found a person who could not access their greater self and experienced dark things in their heart.  I looked to see what appeared to be a fine grey mesh over their back in the form of a spider web.  This web was dented in towards the heart in the form of a vortex funnel a bit like the funnel at the end of a spider mat on the lawn.  Penetrating to the tip of this funnel I found a being that disappeared as quickly as possible and only left the laugh of a jackal behind. The grey web lost its tension and structure and disappeared like smoke.  It is an entity that does identity theft and it interferes when a person has had a bad trauma and doubted themselves. It seems that catching it at its trick is enough for it to evade us and leave the client.

To avoid future interference from this being requires the person not to doubt themselves, or rather to be confident that their greater self or higher self that they access through the heart and the back of their chest will always be true.  These beings in their original form as Archai helped us to form our personality and help it to become independent but if we create doubt for our greater self then the asura will help cut us off from our own soul completely.  The result is the feeling of a great loss of all sense or direction.  One person described it as feeling that they lost something very precious but they do not know what it was.  In the aged there is a time when they become very hesitant.  In this case the asura comes and disconnects them so that they really become totally disorientated. This disconnection from their spirit causes an imbalance and the personality is drawn deeper into the material incarnation and that causes pain. When this happens they say the angel of death has come.  This is another name for the asura.  As soon as we drive the asura out with our attention the dying person is released from that intense pain in their body.

Make decisions. Trust in your higher or greater self.  

The sequence of being enslaved by the fallen hierarchies

 The first enslavement: Lucifer (the saviour) also the tempter to believe

It seems that a long time ago humankind developed an interest in being important. In fact some people thought they were more important than others.  In the old tribal societies this way of thinking is still thought of as being diseased.  This self indulgence seems to carry over to their descendants as feelings of entitlement. These feelings can also be observed in bird life.  Once a pecking order has been established in adult ducks, their chicks will behave exactly the same way that their parents did to the other chicks.

This looking down on others is what makes us produce the energy of disgust. We cannot use it. It serves no useful purpose except that it could help with hygiene. The fact is that this energy forms the ideal food for the fallen angels, the Lucifer beings. The popular saying in South Africa of  “Ag shame” indicates how much we feel more important than others.

When we have attracted Lucifer to come eat our disgust it will come sit on our head or shoulder and make the shadow of depression cloud our mind.  At the same time it estranges us from others.  We feel disconnected. Because we disregard others, we cannot even hear or communicate with them. Eventually our delusions of grandeur will drive us completely crazy and we would prefer to simply leave this world.

It is also possible for the Impundulu to completely take over our awareness and threaten other people by trying to force them to obey us. In this possessive attitude they will raise the eyebrows and lean the top of their head forward so it almost looks like they want to look through their eyebrows at us. If you challenge them about this behavior they seem to be totally unaware that they are doing it. Another typical symptom of possession.

The second enslavement: Satan (the accuser) criticizer  

Having become so important and only wanting to know the light from above, we have no regard for what is under our feet, dear mother earth. The vitality that she sends us every day is totally ignored and accumulates around our feet.

The vtality is so intense that it casts shadows.  It looks like as a dark mess.

Now along comes the Satan.

Oh good, lots of food”  

And while he is about it he may as well hang on our legs and start eating our vitality as well.

Now he feels totally justified about pulling us down, as otherwise Lucifer will simply draw us off into the clouds. To better put us down he pretends to be our conscience and accuses us of anything that will upset us.  When we are upset we cannot digest our food properly and we get inflammation of the guts. As long as he can keep the guts inflamed the better he can keep communicating. The intestines are an excellent target because they have enough nerves to make up the nervous system of a cat. So now he takes up residence in the lower gut and many people welcome the feeling because they think they are now connected to their gut feeling.

This interference of denouncing us through the gut will eventually go on so long that we start to distrust this negativity and see that it does not benefit us. Because we thought it was our conscience we now declare that we do not trust ourselves.

The third enslavement: Asura (the angel of death)

That declaration of not trusting ourselves is taken up by the Asura as an instruction to disconnect us (the personality) from our true self. These beings are the fallen Archai. They are the ones interested in developing our personality, that thing that thinks with our brain and thinks it has an independent existence.  So when the personality declared it does not need the self, it is cut off from the spirit and suddenly we miss something precious but we are not quite sure what it is.

Then we seem that we lost our inner guidance and our eyes get that blank look and we feel rudderless.

 The way back.

Now if at this time you try walking backwards, you feel quite blind. If someone were to chase this thing off your back, then walking backwards would take on a whole new significance. You would actually be able to sense your guidance from behind. It is the only guidance you can trust.  It comes from your own past experience that gave you your own wisdom.

As soon as you doubt yourself again, this Asura or angel of death will be back again.

If you master your doubts and recover from the asura, you will realize that Satan is back. That accusing voice that tries to put you down is back. You have to tell it to go away. Start by chewing a bit of pepper bark tree leaf to weaken it and then shout HA.

As loud as you can. Take a deep breath and do it even louder. If you suddenly feel much lighter in the belly then you have done it. Laughed it off.

Oh no, so who is back now? The one from before, Lucifer the fallen angel is back to try and get you to make more disgust for him. Immediately get down on your knees and feel yourself in the heart space. Now you can start joking with him and say we are all equal, even though he thinks he is more equal than others.

Now finally you are out of the quagmire.


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For verbal help with words and meanings I must mention:

The late Mzimawaxhosa Gugentombe, a good friend, the expert Xhosa speaking herbalist who often tried to teach me special nuances with his limited English.

Mangete Kubukeli (Hombeliyeza – keep the medicines clean) who is like a brother and is always prepared to help.

  He lives in Mossel Bay.  cell 0835068149

The late Phillip Kubukeli (Nqnacholwa - you are thin while there is a lot of food around)  my healer teacher from Macassa in Khayelitsha and Cala in the Eastern Cape.  Passed away 29 May 2014

Peer review of what I have seen.

Paul O'Halloran  Ireland              

Tuesday 13:27   23 Dec 2014

What peter has described in his articles on entities I fully agree with. When he came to Ireland first he was fearful of the energies not manifesting in the same way as Africa but it did. I have been working with this energy for years now as taught to me by Peter and it works. Thank you for the beautiful teachings and bringing peace and healing to so many people in my country

PsychicKelly Lynch-Mackey

20 December  2014 at 22:41 ·

I am writing this small article on asura. The Asura is a particular horrible entity that I have witnessed first hand. Normally lying in the middle of a persons back this so called being when recognised by a shaman will disappear from the persons body. It hides in the body hoping not to be seen but when caught out it disappears. People that carry this Entity are typically angry or introverted people.  They can also be very very depressed. The Asura is a horrible looking being but easily frightened out of the system when caught. But while it lies in a persons energy field it creates havoc for the individual. I wont describe what it looks like as it horrible but easily got rid off.