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Geopathic stress

Geopathic Stress

This workshop is intended to develop your awareness of the disturbances that emanate from our earthly surroundings in the form of energy lines, cracks and fields.

The cracks can most easily be detected with metal rods. Having found the cracks we can then compare the feelings that we get when we walk through them in our chest and guts, our hands and the feelings in our surroundings. I will show you cracks and let you feel their sides with your hands and teach you to push them.

  ◦ You can pull the sides together and join them.

 ◦ After a while some of them will open up again.

 ◦ in those that opened up again you will find elementals and dragons or trapped ghosts.

talk to the entities and find out what they would rather do or where they would like to go.

help dragons by enclosing them in golden light and inverting the envelope into their world so they are removed from here.

ghosts travel along these cracks.  If there are resident ghosts then take them to heaven.

 ◦ once you are proficient in feeling the cracks, try feeling them from a distance

There are points in our surroundings where the energy can well up like fountains.  I call these blessing points.

We can go to old church sites to see how they have been used to make power points or blessing points. Once you can feel them we can go look for potential sites where there are inactivated wells. The energy in these areas are still draining away through cracks in the energy field of the earth.

One can detect these points because at these points we can easily feel much higher into the sky and deeper into the ground.

You will be shown how to create a composite being that takes responsibility for the area and then use it to shake and then pull the energy of the area together. This automatically pulls the surrounding fragments together and all the local cracks close.  

Before trying to pull the fragments together shake and rattle them so all the things sitting between them can fall out.

You will be shown how to notice the impundulu sitting on houses and how to drive them away or help them transform if they are willing to do that

Looking at ghosts and what keeps them stuck.  Vissit a graveyard and see the variety of ghosts.

Learn how to use Jacobs ladder and how to carry the stuck ghosts back up.