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Being in the Middle

Being in the middle.

There are many kinds of healing and balancing.

“When Jane went to her first party and met the boys, her mother was very worried that she would meet someone and fall in love.

What she did not worry about was that Jane  

would meet several at the same time.  

This way they would tug her heart this way and that,

and that would be the balance that would

prevent overwhelming her in any one direction.”

In the same way we find ourselves only

when we can find our middle.

Most of our present so called major religions pull in one direction.

It is only up and good and god and male and light.

Dear mother earth that is all the B things is being demonised.

Bad, baby, breast, butt,  so wonderful.

People lose their relationship to her and wallow in the darkness vainly trying to drive it away with more light.

It is nothing but the nurturing strength she offers us.

It is only when we can stand freely in the space between up and down and acknowledge both that we can be free.

It is possible to be in that space when we stand on our knees.

Try it now.

On our knees we feel the centre of our awareness moves down from our face into our chest.

As soon as we stand up again it rushes back into our face.

Be aware from where we observe.

In the same way we also need to recognise

right and left,

The male and female in us.

Can we stand in the middle between left and right.

Can we interact between left and right.

Let the right hand reach as high as possible above our head until it feels the golden sun light above us.

If you can feel it you can grasp it.

Let the right hand place some of this light into the palm of the left hand.

Let the left hand enclose it with its fingers.

Now draw the left hand back behind you and let it contemplate what it had received.

Did it thank the right hand. Until it has thanked the right hand it has not received it.

Now move your left hand in front of you.

This is the future. What can your right hand do with this. It can hand it to your right by placing it into the palm of the right hand.

Do this while holding the right palm up in front of the heart.

Notice how this light has grown with the experience of the left hand.

One can hardly contain it in the right hand

Now let the right hand thank the left hand.

Draw the right hand back and reflect on the effect of thanking the left hand.

Now arch the right hard forward into the future and hand it to the left again.

The energy is enormous and the left hand can place it into the heart.

You have been experiencing a healthy interaction with absolute trust between left and right.

Now you have a model for your outside relationships.

There is also in front and behind,

Future and past

Can we stand in the middle?

In the present

On the ground


Neither regretting the past

or living wistfully in the future.

To find the present we have to balance the two.

If you are too much in the past, learn some project management.

If you are too much in the future, read and contemplate some history.

Having found the middle point of all three polarities,

It is time to make space in the middle.

Hold your palms up and push the sky up a little.

Turn your hands over and press down towards the earth to push it down.

Now you have a low cave for your heart

Press right and left to make a neutral space for you as a human, neither male or female.

Press forward and backwards to make now a bigger present.

Now you have a free peace cube.

Be in there while standing on your knees

And see yourself as the witness.  

There is also an inside and an outside.

For some people that is our skin. Others need more space around their body.

As your energy grows you may need lots of space.

Some people will even complain that your atmosphere is aggressive and pushes them away.

It is not that you have to pull yourself back together, that makes your atmosphere even more dense.

The secret is to expand yourself beyond others and then make pockets for them in your sphere.

That leaves them and you feeling free.