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More Beings

More entities

1. From  long ago in previous earth incarnation

Kuka. Sits in purple Chakra and often in first dark blue Chakras on each side of the forehead. Slightly wider than the shoulders. Goes down in 4 loops crossing through heart, pelvic Chakra, knees, feet. It is the big snake that freaks us out at night in panic attack and we want to run away into the night. It moves our chakras to the side of body. It often causes earache. Confuses will feeling and thinking.

Fish seen in the evening. Comes to eat our freak-out emotions on our skin except on ankles.


It wants to know everything and constantly gossips from that time very long ago. It is made up of three units. One listening from each shoulder and the mouth constantly gossiping.  Kê Kê Kê Kê

 2. Present time.

Sits in Crystal body

Pukena. - rainbow snake

It creates blocks everywhere in trying to protect us. Peace through separation.

Burrows down into sacral area. Head down.

It lays eggs near the heart.

Hoopi develops from it. Sits in circle from heart to earth Chakra. Giggles all the time

Builds a cage around the heart to protect it from hurt but also hides the light of the heart. This also blocks the upward flow of the sushumna.

Happi  who smiles and sits in heart and sacral area. Protects this area from further hurt.

Helpful Aliens – Just have to ask.

Kukêsa also creates areas above head back and can block off

 Pukena, aliens, ghosts, predecessors, ancestors.

Kukêja back down that blocks and limits interference.

Ask Kukêja to keep Asura off? Yes. Happi. Curse, possession, assassin, Hoopi,

 kidney snake, Mamlambo, Kuka

Pojê and Sundê  block things from under our feet coming up if we ask them. They are the like Sargent majors of the two underground Tokelosh armies. Aliens come to help.

Sundê (has iron crown and lives in stone castle in forest ceremony)

Pojê (right side, soft, appeasing but very powerful) blocks Tokelosh, Jehoo and Jehaa.

Lives in caves in the mountain.

 3. Future trouble. Fallen (they prefer descended, inverted ) Elohim


right foot                    left foot

Jehoo.                          Jehaa

Small snakes               small globules that suck onto snakes

Bind the feet together. (Mutual dependencies)

Both want to go up. Both are underground.

Jehoo is allowed up, and Jehaa is only allowed up with Jehoo

4. Healing circle

1. Ahkuke in gold chakra   (Aurum=gold)

in charge of Kuka and Asura that can kill people.

2. Kula                     

good snake      halo

3. Heart         Asura behind the hart

5. Future development – Kukabanda  slang wat sy stert byt, circle holding together.

   Ku slang    Ka  alles  Banda baie sterk      verbind

 1. third eye

2. ki -  keyholes from back of shoulders, comes through just below the clavicles at width of the chest.  Brings energy through that is received on shoulder blades.  How we receive our guidance.  


 3. upper pink heart.  Brings through the selfless pink love from the animal kingdom. Love coming from the higher self. Tsikia can open it. Sits on the mountains.  Sing for him.


Kikana    18    green snake that talks like staccato. Sits in throat hollow.

Good Green snake of Shiva hanging around shoulders. 256

  Helps one swallow your food.

Parasite Frequencies and treatments

1. Kukêsa  ---------  466 Reishi

2. Kukêja  ---------   440 Reishi

3. Asura -----------   323 Reishi

4. Pukêna ---------  320. Rainbow snake Reishi          Maluleka   Myristica querkifolia

5. Assassin -------  260 Intolwane

6. Kuka -------- ---  238  scream  Intolwane

7. Tokoloshe -----  223 Intolwane

8. Amafufunyana  223 Intolwane

9. Vampire -------  174 Borrie,

 10. Kidney snake - 165 Koljander,  

11. Hoopi. -------     152 Stinging nettle

12. Happi  ---------  136 Stinging nettle

13. Impundulu ----  123 umhlonyane, Artemisia afra

14. Isidikê -----------  67  whisper curiosity Asclepias fluff in ear

15. Sundê ---- -----  55 gemmer, ginger

16. Green snake -- 44  kikana intolwane

 17. Pojê -----------   36 Hypericum

 18. Jehaa ----------  33 Hypericum  

19. fish -------------  26 water sage wash in mashed roots

20. Jehoo ---------   24 SSS Hypericum

 21. Tsikia  ----------- -5

Disease frequencies

1) Variolynum -------- 366

2) Herpes ------------   357

3) Tick byte fever --- 136

4) Malaria ------------- 76

5) SARS -------------    56

6) HIV  ---------------   44

7) covid 19  -----------  33

8) Epstein Barr ------   27

9) Lyme ---------------- 26

10) Staphylococcus ---- 26

11) Streptococci --------   1