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Dragon Energy

Dragon energy

When we unfold a particle of matter then we find waves of energy that were going in inverting spirals, now racing off in different directions. This is atomic power and is very powerful and dangerous. In the human body we find the understanding of particles of matter in the base chakra. That red chakra at the base of our spines. In the next chakra, the orange sacral chakra we find the unfolding of these earth energies. In the front of this chakra is the fusion of energy. In the back is the unfolding and separation, fission of earth particles into the waves of energy.

The fission gives rise to three streams of energy called nadies: the Ida (blue), Pingala (red) and Shushumna (white). These streams are the energy of the dragons. This dragon energy in the human is called the Kundalini.

There is a stream of energy coming out of the earth from below our feet that rises like a tail into the sacral chakra. The tail of the dragon.