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Developing the awareness of self.

When you first become aware of your-self in a dream it seems that you do not own anything, sometimes not even clothes. You don't have a job though sometimes you try to find someone or something. Sometimes it is even difficult to see anything. You try to figure out what is wrong with your eyes. So you do not own even your senses. So what can you say for sure? It is my dream. It is not someone else's dream. You are the observer. Nothing else. In daytime consciousness we make it way more complicated. I am my job. I am my name. I have a home. I speak my language. I have sore feet or I am lonely. Everything I identify with will be attacked to prove to me it is not my self. The only thing no one can attack is that you can be the observer. You can observe yourself observing. Distancing your sense of self from everything else let's go of attachment. Now you let go of the pain.

The next thing you notice in your dream when things are getting a bit extreme, is when you say no in your dream. No. Now the dream drifts in some other direction. Having become aware of your observation status, you now become aware of yourself making decisions. If you remember your decisions you soon see they have consequences. You realise that everything that happens to you is pre-empted by a decision you make. Focusing on the source that you can't remember now of what is happening to you mostly unveils a decision you made in youth or even in a previous life. The main thing is you realise everything that happens to you is your fault. Dam, you can't blame anybody else! You realise no one else can make a decision for you. Even if you let them, that was your decision. So you are the self that makes decisions. Don't confuse decisions with choices. When someone makes a choice he is comparing two pressures from outside. Do you want tea or coffee? Well actually I am just thirsty. I will just drink water with may be, a bit of lemon. The decision comes from inside. It is your self that makes it.

The next question is whether you carry out your decision. Do you succumb to outside pressure not to do it, or do you carry it out anyway. If you manage to carry it out there is a very satisfying sense of self realisation. You get a sense of self respect.

Now you have had the experience of doing something and experiencing first hand what the consequences are. You see the success of doing something at the right place at the right time. This gives you wisdom. Knowledge has no standing if challenged by wisdom. Your own wisdom makes your sense of self totally confident, only if you can access your own wisdom from this life and previous lives.

Try walking backwards and become aware where your guidance comes from. Your guidance from your own soul. You don't need some other guide. You have to access your own higher self. Walk backwards and observe. This is the only guidance you can trust.

These four stages of development are also related to the four directions of the medicine wheel. The snake represents the wisdom of the observer. To attain to be the observer you have to let go of doing things. No hands on deck. The snake has no hands to distract him.

The Second direction is represented by the lion that has the courage to make decisions.

The third direction is represented by the horse. Horse power carries out the decision of the lion.

The fourth direction is represented by the eagle that focuses the action of the horse on one significant thing at a time at the right time to get maximum results. Wisdom.

Developing awareness of self