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Seriphium plumosum

Seriphium plumosum

Afrikaans: Slangbos

English :   Adder bush


Description and diagnostic features   

    It appears to be made up of a woody branched perennial shrub that can grow up to three metres high. The leaves are tiny scales on the stalks. It makes plumes of flowers that look more granular on the stalks than the leaves. The variant growing in the southern cape has darker green leaves than the greyer kind further west.

Part used

shoot tips.


  1. I have found it the most extraordinary effective plant to use as a tea in the use against diarrhoea. Diarrhoea comes from fear. First stage is pee in the pants then finally shit scared. Talk about standing up to it! This plant takes a stand.  
  2. It effectively blocks toxins from attaching to the body, so effectively that it reduces adder toxins that cause tissue breakdown. This is for the adder snake bites.
  3. Melianthus is for the cobra bite.


Do not use with other medication as it will block their working whether it be other herbs or  allopathic drugs.


It grows from near the coast right up into the edges of the Karoo. It is quite drought tolerant.


It germinates from seed.