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By law of the country of South Africa nobody except Medical Doctors are allowed to Diagnose, or treat Cancer, TB and HIV infections

We are not allowed to speak about it or write about it.  This is the law as quoted to me by the officers of the Department of Health who came to investigate me with three police officers.

So, we do not treat conditions as we do not know what they are. All references to conditions in the following pages refer to what patients come to tell us about what their doctors told them they had.  If they recover from the condition it is usually stated afterwards that it had actually been miss-diagnosed.  If the doctor was convinced about his diagnosis, any change achieved is called natural remission.   So the following work is only about natural remission.  As we work mainly with people to help them change their relationships with others in whatever form, we are not even working with people per se but with relationships.  

We are only allowed to treat on a patient name basis, which implies that the patient does not become a statistic.  All results related are only stories of an once off basis and do not prove anything statistically.

Statistics are about a difference but metamorphosis and change are what we see and what guide us.

 So these are stories and we do not sell medicine, or muti or preparations.  You can buy the plants from a nursery.  Go to your personal trusted healer for treatment and assessment of change as it is almost impossible for us to observe changes in our own behaviour  to others.