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We have workshops to suit your needs

Plant walks

Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden

A walk in this garden gives one a wonderful opportunity to meet and touch, taste and smell numerous indigenous medicinal plants. It is important to engage all your senses to make sure you will never make a mistake.  I offer such walks in the gardens together with numerous stories of how I have found them  useful, and what not to confuse with them.   Plants in Kirstenbosch.

Plant workshop

Everyone should know at least 50 healing plants

We need to know what healing plants can do for us and what is available around us and what we can grow.  We need to be able to recognise if we are getting better or worse from anything we take or do. We need to recognise the effect of the context in which we live. We need to know the names of the plants we do not have so we can ask for them at a shop or nursery.     Plant workshop details.

The Healer workshop

The point of this workshop is to get you to see your mission in life ( your destiny or dharma) and where you can best do it.

To get there you have to develop the capacities of humility, courage, strength and commitment.  You need to know the plants that can help you on this road. Then it will be possible to look at your hurts without becoming re-traumatized and change the contract that binds you to your fate or karma.   Details 2

The Healer workshop testimonials

Here are some of the testimonials from previous participants.

Your dark side - lanthanides

This workshop gives you the opportunity to kick your emotional habit patterns that cause so much identity distress that it causes not only your preferred reality manifestation but even your physical illnesses.  Find out what your disease causing assumptions are and what virtue to practice to negate them.  Details 3

Spirits of trauma

When we experience trauma, we are going into a situation that we cannot handle, at that point in our development, so we shut down or withdraw into a space that we ignore and fill with emptiness.  Emptiness invites invasion. Other beings then enter that empty space and fill it with themselves. details

Human energy work - more beings answering to your ego needs.

This workshop pre supposes the background of the Healer Workshop.

It goes into more detail of working with entities, balancing the spatial polarities that pull on you from all sides, balancing the organ energies, and becoming aware of your relationship energies.   Details 4

Raising consciousness

With every in-breath we can expand our awareness.  It is inspiration. It stretches our awareness.    Details

Zodiac healing with Planets

In traditional laying on of hands we become a channel or conduit of healing energy. Now we can go a step further. Using the ability to go into the realm of fixed star constellations we can bring their creative light into the damaged crystal body of a patient. We can establish a connection for them.  Each constellation of the zodiac forms a different part of the body. Every planet affects a different function in that part. You need to know all the parts and functions and their corresponding constellations and planets to focus on one thing at a time to have sufficient energy to make a change. In this way you build transformers into each chakra level, one at a time.  details

Geopathic stress and Blessing points

This workshop develops your abilities to feel the stresses from the land and teaches you how to heal it.     Details 5

Brain Gym and accessing your chakra nerve plexus prejudices

Brain Gym can gives us access to our subconscious nerve plexus.

In each plexus is another set of assumptions.  Each assumption controls a conditioned response to your environment.

The Balancing act

We react to challenges in our lives by defending our position or giving in and collapsing under the pressure.

Neither of these reactions help. There are other actions we can take that are a balance between trying to control or submitting.

Unilateral submitting or being frozen in resistance can both put you into trauma.  We need to find the virtue in between.  

Dragon Energy

Dragon energy is the stream of energy coming up from the earth in the unfolding of matter back into energy.

It caries the wisdom of earth experience. It can feed our Nadies system and support the will energy of digestion.

Singing the chakras  as transformers

Each chakra has a position in the body and that part of the body will vibrate when we sing at once the note, the vowel, and the overtone at the same time.

Singing the sliding scales between these notes will connect them and allow the energies to transform from one to the next.

Kundalini and Nadies

The Kundalini is our own internal dragon energy that can can transform and separate or combine earth energies from below.

Once we have balanced our adult male and adult feminine existences from all our lives and can access their wisdom then it is time to unite them into a new union that gives rise to a new being and world.