Zanemvula Traditional Healing 
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We have classes to suit your needs

Plant walks

Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden

A walk in this garden gives one a wonderful opportunity to meet and touch, taste and smell numerous indigenous medicinal plants. It is important to engage all your senses to make sure you will never make a mistake.  I offer such walks in the gardens together with numerous stories of how I have found them  useful, and what not to confuse with them.   Plants in Kirstenbosch.

The Healer workshop

The point of this workshop is to get you to see your mission in life ( your destiny or dharma) and where you can best do it.

To get there you have to develop humility, courage, strength and commitment. Then it will be possible to look at your hurts without becoming re-traumatized and change the contract that binds you to your fate or karma.   Details 2

Your dark side - lanthanides

This workshop gives you the opportunity to kick your emotional habit patterns that cause so much identity distress that it causes not only your preferred reality manifestation but even your physical illnesses.  Find out what your disease causing assumptions are and what virtue to practice to negate them.  Details 3

Human energy work

This workshop pre supposes the background of the Healer Workshop.

It goes into more detail of working with entities, balancing the spatial polarities that pull on you from all sides, balancing the organ energies, and becoming aware of your relationship energies.   Details 4

Geopathic stress

This workshop develops your abilities to feel the stresses from the land and teaches you how to heal it.     Details 5