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Zodiac and planet healing workshop

Basic healing using the laying on of hands has been a very old tradition and it is spoken of in many instances of the bible. You have to start with an empath. Someone who usually through sympathy can feel the pain of a human or animal or plant suffering. This person then also has to make contact with the creator. Then the empath can send this feeling up to the creator and ask what can be done, or what feeling can heal this. After some moments the aswering feeling, the healing emotion and insight comes back. It must now be amplified as if you are a violin that can amplify any frequency. Then that energy of healing feeling streams down the arm and through the hand into the being in pain. The place where the body warms up is where the blockages are opened, not necessarily where the hand is held.  As it heals the being in pain, the pain in the empath also subsides. This is how an empath becomes a healer. But that is not enough. That is giving a hungry man a fish. Unless the hungry man learns how to fish he is going to get hungry again. At most it will be 3 months before they are back.  Some people also try to heal by using their own enery instead of from the creator, but that can make them crash badly.  Some people cannot even use their own energy and then keep sitting with the pain of the other. Then desperately they try to disconect their empathy and flee from the city and the malls where they are overwhelmed by all the suffering.

So you cant just be an empath, but you also have to have a spiritual connection to access help. Then you also need to learn to focus on the process and focus the intention. No use to have a general feeling of good will towars others by sending good vibes. That is like turning a fan on someone who has blood clots in his arteries. It might cool them down a bit but if you can take that general energy and focus it into a microscopic laser beam, then you can cut through the clots with your focussed mind and pierce the blockages. This way you can achieve immediate relief.

But we must not just look at the power of destruction. It is much better when past the emergency to then turn to the more difficult but worthwhile construction.  If someone has broken a bone in the body, you need to fix it. Sorry, very male approach. Now there are star clusters that we see in the background of the movement of our planets in our solar system because it is mostly in a plane. The plane of our galaxy.   These clusters have been grouped in the constelations that make up the zodiac. The constelations have been shown to correspond with the sequence of body parts from head to toe. From them come the energy that structure the body parts. If you know which body part was created by which constelation you can use the light of that constelation to reconstruct a healthy functional crystal body structure of that body part. Once that crystal structure is healed, made whole, you can use it to build the next level structure, in the gold body.  And so one by one you use the energy to effect a repair in the next level.  Each is a transformer into the next level. Now this all works fine till you hit a curse that prevents the next level from being healed. Now you first have to remove the curse before you can get all the way down into the physical body. Once the physical is restructured and aligned the pain goes but the body is not hard yet. Now you have to pull the energy up from the earth chakra to solidify the healing.

It also hardens itself in 3 days if you keep it imobilised.

Helping to heal muscles tendons and organs requires atention to the planetary functions as well.

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