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The balancing act

The balancing Act

By Peter von Maltitz    2019-11-06

Table of Contents

The confrontation                 1

The balance of fight/flight and collapse/fright/paralysis/freeze. 1

The contracting fighting aggressive position towards confrontation. 1

The collapsing fear/fright/freeze/paralysis position. 2

The balanced healing response to confrontation is observation 3

The Blaming 4

Naming and blaming is the aggressive reaction 4

Feeling guilty is the embarrassed route 4

Courage is the balancing virtue needed to make decisions. 4

The Greed 5

The Old Age. Loss of interest. 6

The confrontation

The balance of fight/flight and collapse/fright/paralysis/freeze.

This is in the realm of the first direction of the medicine wheel. The Snake. It is about the inner and outer world and our inner confrontation with the outer world.

In a confrontation some people will react with fight. They contract to focus all their energy to do battle. If the battle seems not to be winnable they may run or take flight to take up another defensive strategy.

When someone has been attacked to the point of not being able to cope with it they are traumatised.  That means they have such a great fright that they cannot fight and they are paralysed,  frozen, and withdrawn away from confrontation and they feel embarrassed and want to dissolve and blend into their surroundings.  

These alternatives can be seen most prominently as the contraction or dilation of the pupils of the eyes.

 The contracting fighting aggressive position towards confrontation.

The contraction of the pupils after a car accident or the approach of a violent adult usually happens within hours of the incident.  If you are quick with the homoeopathic Aconite remedy the muscular contractions can be aborted and the person relaxed. It can also be dealt with through debriefing.  

If it is not dealt with immediately it will be suppressed into the deeper layers of the mind and body.

One of the symptoms of contraction is the contraction of the stomach. This contraction prevents the expansion of the stomach to accept food and digest it. The moment one eats the food, it is pushed into the small intestine. This causes a gurgling sound. This undigested food is then used by the bacteria in the intestines to rapidly grow and produce toxins. The body refuses to absorb the toxic liquids from the intestine and a diarrhoea ensues. (see ishongwe) This is generally known as shit scared from shock and resulting tension.

If the response is not released, it can last longer with general chronic contractions to the point of an old trauma leading to pin point pupils (ppp) only relieved with homoeopathic opiates.

Then the person further contracts and in a withdrawing action and is in wait for expected further attack the tendons and glands get hard and can be helped with homoeopathic Bromine.

Then the skin tightens from long standing threat and the skin tightens so that the hair is pinched so tight that its growth is cut off and it falls out. The skin can also tighten and the melanin is suppressed and there is loss of skin colour (vetiligo). This can be helped by the rye ergots that develop from a fungus (Claviceps purpurea) developing in the place of rye grains. This enlarged growth looks like an enlarged claw. This homoeopathic remedy does wonders in these skin afflictions. It is called Secale cornutum.

Another form of skin affliction from long term stress and suppressed violent outbursts is the skin affliction of extreme pain from the nerves in the skin around the blood vessels. The intense visualisation of defensive fighting which is suppressed induces many more nerves in the skin to develop in preparation for attack. This is called multiple sclerosis and can cause absolutely devastating weakness from extreme pain.

The hardening process can also be seen in mineral kingdom in the form of Sodium or Natrium. This represents the physical hard body. The excessive experience of this body leads to melancholy where everything is experienced as heavy and hard and difficult. They suppress their feelings and won’t cry. In the form of Natrium sulph they can’t let the water through the membranes that leads to dry meninges causing tearing of the membranes and inflammation.

In the form of looking back in sorrow as in the story of Lots wife who looked back in sorrow of her life she turns into a pillar of salt. Table salt. Natrium chloride.

Another fight or “rally to action” process is to contract the blood vessels to the intestines so as to supply the maximum blood flow to the striped muscles for fighting and running. This disrupts the digestive processes. It also restricts the blood flow to the immune system thereby reducing the persons immune resistance to fighting disease. When we never get to feel safe our nutrition and immune systems can suffer. Being bullied is being under constant confrontational stress. This stress will lead to the shut down of breathing and loss of access to oxygen, causing cancer.

In the animal form the medicines of contraction are the Crustacean carapace and the snail shells.

The animals that live by fighting constant fear have hard skin, like reptiles and tortoises, or thick skin like the rhinoceros. On the beach the dried up Sponge looks like the hardened form of what looks like a lung. The potentised toasted sponge makes a great remedy for the dry cough. Spongia tosta.

 The collapsing fear/fright/freeze/paralysis position.

If the frightened person notices an attack and that the attacker can see them, his immediate response is to hide or withdraw into his surroundings.

The dilation of the pupil is the immediate sign of this.

Another immediate sign is blushing. Another indication is smoking and creating a smoke screen to hide in (see Sepia). Another is to talk from behind their hands. A mouth hanging open is a sign of self embarrassment. (see Calc sulph)

The dilating pupils can be helped by pulling the person together. This can be achieved with Bella dona.  Another result of long term collapse is the relaxing of the smooth muscles and then the vertebra collapse on one another and pinch the lateral nerves causing migraines and sciatica. River pumpkin stolons tea can quickly relieve this.  (The Hatha yoga upward stretch, Vanga asana also helps by pulling the back muscles together)

If in the collapse condition the flow of blood to the periphery or skin is encouraged and then blushing occurs.  

Another collapsing response is the relaxing of the small intestine causing it to stretch so much that it causes leaky gut syndrome. This causes half digested food particles to enter the bloodstream and the immune system to go into overdrive trying to defend the body against all these assumed intruders. This typically causes eczema. (see triple salts of Edgar Cayce for treatment.) In more intense immediate fear it starts with letting go and peeing in your pants. Even more extreme is being shit scared and there is instant diarrhoea from letting go completely.

The ultimate withdrawal of the soul from the body leads to epilepsy.   This happens when the person cannot see a way of coping with life, especially in the absence of their father.  

This is the possum response of “play dead”.

This extreme collapse and withdrawal of being present can especially happen when we have not overcome fear and we are exposed to the experiences in our subconscious by means of drugs. With our withdrawal it leaves our body open to being invaded by dead people’s spirits or spirits of trauma or the fallen hierarchies.

This paralysis reaction can be a recklessness that not only creates accidents but can lead to total body shut-down and death.  

Recklessness is a very important symptom to watch out for if you are going to give someone drugs to see the underworld before they are ready. That is why we say it essential that they first have to overcome fear (paralysis), blaming others (recklessness), corruption by power (greed, aggression), confusion (not present, not focused).  These are the four directions of the medicine wheel.

The balanced healing response to confrontation is observation

The balance between fight /flight and collapse can be seen as being the observer.

Every martial arts teacher will insist that you observe the opponent. If you do not observe them you do not know their strengths or weaknesses. If you get angry there is no possibility of ever overcoming their attack because you cannot observe them.  

You have to observe what is going on.

 The Blaming

The second balance is between blaming others and feeling guilty.

Naming and blaming is the aggressive reaction

We are aggressively defensive when we don’t want to be blamed for what we have not done. If you can be blamed you can be persecuted. In defence of the individual the law of innocent until proven guilty applies.  We only really recognise our guilt when we look back into previous lives.

 Feeling guilty is the embarrassed route

Feeling guilty lets us try and hide from being blamed.

But the biggest guilt comes from not making a decision.

Some people claim that nothing is ever their fault. They never knew. They cannot take responsibility for anything. (see Nitrogen).

They always blame others for whatever happens. (Hepar sulph)

Courage is the balancing virtue needed to make decisions.

The second balancer is the courage to investigate the unknown and you have to make decisions.

When you start to notice your decisions you realise that you put in the order for whatever happens in your world.

Noticing how starting to act on your decision can have strong reaction, you might put it off till the last moment to get the strongest reaction of overwhelming others.

 The Greed

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The third balance is between self interest and abdication.

Self interest takes advantage of personal power. It takes away from others to use for it’s self. They take over responsibility for the opportunity to corrupt the system.

Abdication is handing over the responsibility, of distribution, in exchange for freedom of responsibility, but then we become controlled.

We need to share needs so every one’s needs are met.  Maintain energy and power.

The third balancer is enthusiasm for what we like. The interest for community of individuals. Not for only self interest.

 The Old Age. Loss of interest.

The fourth balance is between being entertained or overwhelmed

Seeking entertainment and gossip is evasive action.

Running away from a situation is being reckless.

It causes accidents and death.

That is being reckless. TB and HIV are also symptoms of recklessness.

The fourth balancer is focus and present in the moment and caring.

or as Kent suggests being present. Present for me is the fourth balance, focused. T


bone and blood.

In the creation story I have often noticed that new conditions arise out of the separation of a previous condition.  The milk sours and becomes stiff. By cutting it, it turns into curds and whey. Harder lumps keep getting harder and the whey keeps on becoming more watery. They have separated. Just like the land separated from the ocean. The previous swollen jelly has given rise to shrunken bits of crust and watery oceans.   So also the cartilage gives rise to hard bones and liquid in the joints. And in the long-bones there is a separation between the blood producing marrow and the hard outer bone.

This separation between blood and bone is represented as the separation of female and male. They talk of us coming from the bones of the father and the blood of the mother. There is much blood in the birthing process.  The bones are the hardness and reaches its extreme in the teeth. The hatred of the child brings about the biting that builds the bones. Hatred in society is out of place but in the teeth it hardens to set boundaries. Blood is the enfolding loving nurturing process. So if you hate your family the blood will turn hard and clot. If your boundaries are gone, your skin dissolves and your teeth get soft. We need both but in the right place where it is appropriate.  Where this balance is upset we can also see cancer developing in the bones. The hardness overwhelms the bones.

This balance is represented by the red and white beads and the fact that they are worn in strings with exactly equal numbers.

There are remedies that can help strengthen each side of this balance. Leonotis can strengthen the blood process. Calcium and the forms in which it is bound in the oak can help the bone process. The protective calcium process can also be seen in the formation of hard eggshells. We need both processes working in alternation. Hot and cold alternate. Stimulating with one suddenly will induce an opposite response by the body to try and restore a balance. A sudden short immersion in cold water will induce a flood of heat in the body.  This induced response is what homoeopathy is based on. Like treats like. If you burnt your finger there is no point putting it in cold water. That just induces a response of the body producing more heat. Instead we put it in warm to hot water for a quick moment and the body responds by cooling it down.

If the mother or woman or soft part of the body and especially the pelvic region has been violated, staphisagria will do an absolute incredible job of soothing the hurt by strengthening the boundaries.