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Kundalini and Nadies

Advanced course

Why do an advanced course?

To develop one's access more fully in order  to uncover your relationship with realms beyond the higher self.

Recommended courses done in preparation. Capacities developed.

Healers workshop. Directions. Being in contact with your higher self.

Holy Grail workshop. Thought traps, delusions, sufferings, virtues.

Developing the adult self with balanced virtues.  

Zodiac Healing workshop.  Zodiac and planets, function and form creating tissues and organs in different parts of the body. Bringing the archetypes down. Conducting influence through blocks between the Chakras.

The balancing act

Finding the balance between active and passive reactions to each of the chalenges of the directions in the medicine wheel and its extended form of 12 directions

Working with streaming dragon energy up from the earth Chakra into the sacral centre and moving it through the nadies down to behind the belly button into the cauldron.

Preparatory reading material.

The ability to split the mind and simultaneously use different parts.  See “Name of the Wind” by Patric Rothfuss.  Chapter Ten. Page 70.

Preparatory work for the advanced course

Notes on the 17 Unstable states will be sent out to the participants intermittently.

Going beyond the ego needs to develop both a male and female adult self.

You need to establish what you still have problems with, so we can address them.

The advanced course

Will be over 4 days with in-person retreat.

At a retreat centre near Nelspruit.

Date:  17-21 November 2021. Arrival and opening on 17th evening.

Bring comfortable clothing for exercise and dancing and guided focused meditations with gestures.

Facillitated  by Susan and Peter.

Bookings with Susan on WhatsApp  +27 82 785 8787

         and Anna in Nelspruit on  +27 79 279 8898

Why should I attend the workshop?

Kundalini rising by Susan Grobbelaar.

So first of all, the Kundalini energy is really such a healing, powerful energy.

This is an amazing experience.  No words in our language can describe it. I would love to help other people have the same experience.

You know your destiny, and now you want to access the wisdom of your own Higher Self to guide you in carrying out your purpose in life.  The advantage of the Kundalini energy, is that the knowledge, wisdom or whatever you need to walk your purpose, is immediately available and you always stay connected.
This retreat is to help people connect while walking their purpose and creating their own life.

Experiencing this energy running through your body, changing your life, connecting with the power of your Higher Self, your own wisdom, the reason for being here, walking your purpose with ease, knowing and believing who you truly are, is being in the flow. No need to go through pain, suffering and struggling for that which you aspire to in life. We are here to live life in abundance in every way possible and somehow, after experiencing this Kundalini energy, things just naturally start to unfold.

Two weeks before our retreat we send out the 17 Virtues for you to go through. (Peter’s expertise).

There are 21 Virtues, so at this retreat we are also discussing the last 4 and how to activate them.

During the first day of the retreat we will discuss this with you and because Peter and myself can sense with which part/virtue every person is struggling with, we work with whatever you need to “unblock”, or resolve. We go to your previous lives, (connecting with your Higher Self, guides and angels) and see what happened, what was the trauma you went through then, or in this life. This you will need to “heal” or let go of, to get rid of all your taboos.  When you are fully capable of practising the 17 virtues you will be aware of your adult male and female higher self.

The second day we concentrate and help each one to understand the power of the mature masculine and mature feminine energy. Not only what it is and practising it, but how to bring in your adult feminine and adult masculine separately, how to balance their energy, how to let them meet, and how to you join the two. We discuss the power of making love and that you can use this also to join the two.   A wonderful big shift happens and everything changes.

On the third day we start concentrating on the Kundalini energy. How it will change your life. How to unite its streams,  and how to bring the energy up. What not to do and attend to each one separately.

How to breathe, and what energy points to connect in your body in specific sequence.

We practise being God/Goddess.

The last day we show you how to bring in the past and future into the now, while connecting with your Higher Self. You have access of all the wisdom of the past, as well as the possible futures. |You bring everything into the now by connecting both the wisdom from the past and a possibility of the future into the now.

We dance a lot so that it helps us to let the energy flow through the body and connect us to different ways of being. But still the most important thing is to enjoy the bliss of life, so this we shall definitely be doing throughout this whole experience.

Peter von Maltitz has such a loving heart, you can go to his website and just get an idea of all his knowledge and teachings. I must say every time I am in his presence, I am overwhelmed with all his wisdom and the way he can practise Being.