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Healer workshop testimonial

Healer Workshop Testimonials

I am a Specialised Kinesiologist.  I Have attended hundreds of  workshops in the line of work that I do.

I have been fortunate enough to attend Peters’ Healers course twice.

It is definitely one of the most inspiring and profound that I have attended.

Peter generously offers his wealth of knowledge in a vast array of shamanic subjects.

Peter is a man who” talks the talk” and definitely “walks the walk.”

His knowledge is one of real experience. Which he shares with great humility and joy.

The course itself is a brilliant mixture of information, processing, visualizations, and personal insights.

I highly recommend The Healers course and look forward to doing the other courses he offers.

Tal Petre                                          October  2014


Ken Taytasac  had this to say after the workshop at boulders in June 2012

Talk about shape shifting: when you left feeling good about the fact that you know nothing, how powerful the gift of imagination is but above all that finally you are getting some real answers as to who you are and how you fit into this whole big shindig “life”, karma and more ….. it can only be right.

I have attended many courses and experienced quite a bit but in my opinion this is one that stands out.

Peter’s knowledge is more than impressive, his commitment undying and a delivery whether in discussion or differing views holds such grace – a virtue I would be very grateful to have. Particularly I love his wisdoms, stories /of “Hercules”, playful, challenging way and a laugh that is infectious.

Peter I applaud and thank you.




Peter's Healers workshop was an intensive 3 days of looking deeper within to find healing for self and therefore be able to be a more effective healer for others.   The part that touched me most deeply was the rewriting of a contract intended under duress and with lack of awareness about the power of such things or how the words one uses work themselves out in ones life.  It has made me so much more aware of how I feel and what I say in relation to those feelings. I had been looking for a long time, for the reason why I had a recurring cycle of ' bad luck' in my life and how to stop it.  The answer came in the journeys to find the cause of my hurt and to find what contract I had written causing  that hurt .  Having rewritten my contract I look forward to changes happening.  I feel as if a light has been switched on and a tremendous amount of fear and mistrust have dissipated and given me the courage to move forward with renewed trust and courage to face and explore life in its diversity once again and to embrace the good it has to offer but with a deeper more intentional awareness .   Peter is very warm, compassionate and insightful and I felt an immediate sense of trust for him.  His hearty laugh and joy-filled eyes keep the atmosphere light and do wonders for creating a safe space in which to delve and share those very deep and vulnerable places in our souls.

 I will be back!  


Workshop of beginning April 2013

This workshop with Peter is truly one of the most significant turning points in my life. Deep inner cleansing using traditional methods, finding your destiny, retrieving lost parts of your soul, changing your contracts and meeting your higher self are among some of the aspects covered in the 3 days. As unbelievable as its sounds, it really is so.

I write this testimonial purposefully nearly a month after the workshop, naturally, sometimes everday life dilutes the effects felt during workshops. What I learnt and experienced during this Healers course just keeps growing and continuously finding its roots deeper within me.

Peter manages to so beautifully combine The medicine wheel and African traditional ways. The first 2 days are about learning the stages / directions and practicing their virtues. Among this, he is endlessly offering his wisdom and knowledge on medicinal plants, various illness and their causes and answering any kind of questions that comes up. These first 2 days are also all about cleansing oneself. Medicinal plants are used as well as Peters abilities to recognize any kind of entities/ghosts that are attached to us. Everyone gets a turn to have any of these removed. I could not believe the difference in my headspace. I’m quite sure that one of the ghosts that where attached to me was continuously criticizing me. Its now gone and I am amazed at the difference.

I’m so grateful for the reminder that one cannot be balanced by only looking up to the light, a “God above”, and angels. We were shown many methods/exercises to connect to Mother earth and all the energies below the ground and other directions.

All the journey work is done on the final day. Peters calm, reassuring voice and methods are used to guide you to the upper and lower worlds where you meet your guardians, find you gifts, find your contract of hurt and change it. You also find your destiny and meet your higher self.

I was very nervous about not being able to do this journey work and was afraid that I would not receive any answers, but it always worked and all the answers came….

After retrieving parts of my soul that where lost (yet kept safe by mother earth below) I felt so incredibly whole, I felt like I could have stayed right there, in the chair, in silence and in reverence for a Very long time.

I feel like a new road has revealed itself, my commitment to it and support from the universe will help unfold this amazing new adventure.

Lastly , Peter’s kind manner, endless compassion  fantastic humour and true humility was thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated.

Thank you so much for this incredible experience.

Isabella Snyman


I attended Peter's healer workshop in January 2017. I really needed healing on a personal level and that was my main intention for attending. I ​had a dream a couple of nights before the workshop in which ​a man entered the room where I was and I could sense that he had harmful intentions towards me. I tried to reason with him and appeal to his ability to empathise. I could see that it wasn't going to work so I led him over to the window to "look from a new perspective". We both looked through the window and there across the bay, nestling in a valley which led down to the water, was the most beautiful town I had ever seen. The houses had many levels and colours and very dark window frames which drew my attention more than anything else. I wanted to know what was behind these windowsin this darkness. The man's attention had shifted as well and all was well.

As in the dream, the workshop brought me a shift in perception. As Peter guided us, I travelled to new lands and vistas inside my different bodies, down to the lower worlds and up into the upper worlds. Using the ubulau foam certainly enhanced my ability to see in a new and different way, this plant's energy is gentle and subtle. To use the metaphor of the dream again: my world expanded from the limited experience that happens between four walls (the limited physical perception of the senses) to the wide openness of the world beyond. There are so many plants, like the ubulau, available for healing on all levels and Peter is very knowledgeable on this subject. He tells stories that help us to remember the uses and names of the plants.

​We were able to examine contracts that we agreed to in the past, without fully understanding the consequences, and we wrote new contracts. My understanding of the chakras as well as harmful entities that drain our energy, was deepened during the weekend.  Having heard about the medicine wheel so many times in the past years, it was still a theoretical concept for me. But in the workshop, I really grasped the significance of the guardians and felt more connected to them, as well as more capable to ask for their guidance and protection. The medicine wheel became something much more real for me.

With Peter's guidance and the group energy, ​I was able to focus my mind more easily. This is just the beginning and I look forward to journeying further on this voyage of magic and mystery which opens up spaces and places that I want to explore much more. My world had become too small for some time, due to pain I was carrying. Now I have so much hope that the small focused acts I do, with my intention to bring healing, are immensely powerful and they are also fun. I feel connected into the interweb of Being again. Healing myself cannot be separated from healing of the Whole. Camagu!



“The Healer Workshop”  31 Maart tot 2 April 2017

Dit was ’n koelerige herfs oggend toe ons almal ongeveer 9h00 by Peter se huis bymekaarkom.  Vir meeste van ons was dit ’n eerste ontmoeting.   Agt siele wat min of meer opsoek was na dieselfde antwoorde... wie weet.  Die hoekoms en waaroms van die lewe en dalk miskien ’n stap nader na ’n oplossing.  Dieper delf oor die lewe en oor menswees.  Hierdie komplekse ek wat oënskynlik net uit ’n liggaam bestaan, maar sodra jy begin dieper delf begin jy skielik ‘n wonderlike ontdekking doen.   Jy gaan in en begin self die oplossings kry.  Oral is daar  iets of iemand wat met liefde vir jou die pad wys.  ’n Kosmos alles ineen geweef, op die regte plek elkeen met ’n spesifieke doel.  Van lank terug tot nou... en nog verder in die toekoms.  Die rede waarom jy aarde toe gekom het en kontrakte wat jou verbind het wat gehelp het om sekere dinge te kom beleef. Die dinge en goeters wat ons saamdra.  Was dit regtig alles nodig?

As dit vir jou alles effens ver gesog klink of dalk wonder oor dieselfde dinge, dan is daar wel iemand wat kan help... Peter.  Hy bring ’n diep rustigheid saam met hom, ’n soort vrede wat die vertrek binne spoel as hy inkom.  Nie net jare se kennis wat hy opgedoen het met ervaring nie, maar ’n wysheid wat hy saggies deel met ’n glimlag of ’n lag.  Die saamleef saam met ander mense met ander lewens opvattings, dinge beleef, self leef en ontdek.  Dit alles het hom jare gevat om nader aan die waarheid te kom. Hy het die kronkelpaaie gevat, die klipperige afdraai paaie en selfs die doodloop strate.  Dit alles het hy saamgevat en vir ons ‘n makliker padkaart kom gee hoe om die einddoel te bereik, jou bestemming.  ’n Eindlose kennis wat jou half sprakeloos laat, maar hy vertel jou maklik dat hy maar nog net die tippie van die ysberg ervaar het.  Hy gee jou ’n kykie na die aarde se geskenk in die vorm van kruie.  ’n Houtkissie met klomp klein botteltjies gevul met geheimenisse, (wat hy met liefde deel),  wat help vir omtrent elke pyn en skeet... nommerpas vir jou.

Hy vat jou saam na ’n ander wêreld wat party van ons maar net wonder oor en ander dalk al bietjie van ervaar het.  Jou persoonlike gidse wys  graag die pad en as ons almal weer terug is in die nou, lag ons almal saam oor elkeen se ervarings.  Ons leer bymekaar, help mekaar, want skielik raak die vreemdelinge jou beste vriend of vriendin.  Ons besef skielik ons is almal een.  Een in die wete dat ons min of meer dieselfde probleme het of al gehad het.  Een in die wete dat ons verbind is met onsienbare drade, inmekaar geweef met alles om ons.  Peter met die dieper insig bring alles bymekaar.  Dit waaroor jy dalk skepties was, maak plek vir ’n soort honger, ’n gevoel van dat jy nog wil weet en ja, eintlik alles wil weet.  Jy voel amper of jy nog die heeltyd gekul was en skielik kan jy anders na die lewe kyk.

Die visarend roep... en ek weet, dit is tyd om hierdie lewe te leef en die dieper ek te ontdek.