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Melianthus commosus

Meliantus commosus

Afrikaans: Kruidjie roer my nie.

English :    

IsiXhosa:   Irhabiya

Description and diagnostic features   

   It is a jagged leafed shrub with many upright stems. The flowers are carried under the leaves.   

Part used     

    The stem  is used to suck for cobra bite.

    The leaves are used for making a poultice.


    For cobra bite suck a piece of  twig or root.

For allergic reaction to bee sting put poultice over sight of sting.

For dog bite apply poultice to wound. It causes the wound to clean itself.


    Intense nervous system stimulant. Do not use unless paralysis is setting in from something like a cobra bite.


    Mostly found in dry river beds in the Karoo.


    It propagates from seed but the seed must be planted as soon as it is harvested.