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Raising consciousness workshop

Dr David Hawkins described an imagined chart of consciousness in his book “Power versus Force”. This chart starts from one, representing just awakening to your senses at birth to full self realisation at 1000. Hopefully that will be before death. It is a logarithmic scale where each number is valued at ten times more than the previous number. The number 2 is actually 10 times bigger than 1. And three is a hundred times bigger than 1. He discovered you had to have at least a reading of 200 before you can make accurate repeatable readings by muscle testing of anyone else, but only up to what you have been able to briefly experience.  The effect however that a person can have on a group of other people as you go up is dramatic. It takes a hundred people at stage one to drag down one person at stage 3, unless they have access to the beings of trauma. They are legion so they can have endless numbers.

It has been noted that if you can raise your awareness sufficiently you can have a positive influence over the peace around you, even in the other people around you.  It is possible through visualisation and slow in breathing to raise and expand your awareness. Then by association with the beings you meet in those realms your awareness can be ancored there. We hope to show you how to raise your awereness to 1000 of full embodied awareness by the end of the day.

You also need to reach at least to the human heaven to take ghosts home after disentangeling them from places or people.

Here comes Jacob’s  ladder.