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Spirits of trauma workshop

  The Spirits of Trauma Workshop

The spirits of trauma have been given diferent names in diferent times and places and languages. In Shamanism we have recognised they are also beings.  In other world views they are described as energies, disturbed brain chemistry, entrained nerve pathways.  Anyways whatever others do we have found we can have conversations with them.  That means we can discus history with them and ask them why they are there and what they are planning to do. If you know what someone plans to do and if you find out their ploys and weeknesses and no longer get rattled easily it is possible to deal with them.

It is a good idea to start by doing some background reading of what other people have come accross to familiarise yourself about the names they have been given and different attempts of trying to set humans free of the confusion and suffering they can cause to ignorant people. The secret is not to be ignorant.  You cannot cary on pretending that the soul and mental and physical suffering that others bear can just be ignored and tell them to pull themselves together. Ignoring something is an active process that turns us into ignoramuses.

Read “The master of lucid dreaming” by Karitides as wel as

Harry Potter book “The goblet of fire” page 185 describes the three unforgivable curses and on page 204 in the next chapter there is a great discription of what it feels like when the first one is used on Harry.  These 3 discriptions give you a good idea of the working of three of the spirits of trauma and how they affect you.

Read “The prisoner of Askaban” to see how Prof Lupin is teaching Harry how to overcome the Boggart. Another manifestation of the second being of trauma.

Read “The Rite” by Matt Baglio to form an idea of the difference between the Tempter Devil or deamon and the Accuser or Satan.  In chapter 4 “Know your enemy”, there is much intelectual arguing that they are the same fallen angel being but when you start reading case studies you realise which groups of symptoms are revealed with each entity.

Dr R Steiner talks of the one being a fallen angel and the other a fallen archangel.

I will help you see the effects they have on people and how to render them harmless.