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The 17 Stages

The 17 stages

We are all indebted to the wonderful work of the homeopath, medical doctor and scientist Dr Jan Scholten

who made the connection between

the stages of the life of Hercules

with the homeopathically potentised

Lanthanide elements in the Chemical Periodic table.

This gave us a handle on the theory to test if it worked.

If it works,  the theory is valid. It works.

I noticed that there was a correspondence among the first, fourth, and 7th stages of this 17 stage system  with the first three directions of the medicine wheel.  That inferred there was an extra two stages between each of the four directions on the medicine wheel.

The last four stages of the 17 stages also corresponded with

the four chambers of the underworld

as described by the South American healers.

This gives us a great opportunity to unravel the greater complexity of the directions and their issues.

From the medicine wheel we have learned that

each direction has a trap.

Don Juan in Carlos Castaneda’s book said:

“There are four enemies to the person of knowledge”

Taking that further we can work with the

17 enemies that can trap us in our development.  

These are emerging in the contracts that people have bound themselves with

in their sub-consciousness

in this manifestation of their lives.

From the diseases that the elements can cure,

Jan Scholten has even shown us what diseases

these misconceptions can cause.

What we now have to see clearly

Are the virtues that we are trying to teach ourselves

with these struggles.

Studying these traps have revealed most unexpected relationships.  They are unexpected in terms of what we have been taught  to expect in the western world.

Trap 15 is blame.  Nothing particularly exciting. The consequence is surprising.

The consequence is that one is forever battling with what is owed us and what is owed others, and then we even think that by making this issue unconditional we will solve it, but all it does is bind us deeper into the morass of  who owes who what. What I am talking about is what people call love.  Surprising is it not, that what most people in the west call a virtue it actually the nature of the battle and does not resolve anything.  In fact the more we try to hang on to it and justify it the more debilitated it makes us until we die from it in the form of  the loneliness of TB.

The way to let go is gratitude. It sounds so simple but most people still do not know how to make the transition if they are in the trap.

They still want to blame someone else for the state they are in.

Here are my first experience of the stages, their traps, struggles, and virtues.

Stage    Trap                             Struggle                     Virtue

 1           Fear                             Senses                       Humility

 2           Understanding          Rationalisation         Aware of darkness

 3           Outside Authority    Forgive                      Aware of multiplicity

 4           Generalisation           Let go assumptions Observe decisions

 5           Activity                      Cautious                    Co-ordinate

  6           Tough                         Danger, speed          Greet

 7           Power, Self interest   Develop objectivity  Channel of manifestation

 8           Attack                         Keep focus                 Endurance

 9           Dung                           Clever                          Wisdom

10           Old age                       Interest                        Hope in adversity

11           Maintain power        Keep control               Embracing

12           Respect                      Betrayal/ hearsay       Accept self

13           Help/ Justice              Sorry for themselves Complete work

                                                   Greed of others

14           Promise                       Weakness / service  Honour self

15           Blame                          Love, care                   Gratitude

16           Prize                            Obedience                   Reconciliation

17           Glory                           Bear the pain              Let go own