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Blessing point workshop

This workshop will mainly be outdoors.

You will need divining rods, a pendulum, maps of the area, pencil and ruler. Also find a two ended smokey quarts crystal that expands your aura when you hold it.

It is necessary to feel cracks in the crystal body of the earth.

Some of the sensations you can test for a crack:

  1. There are 2 sides.
  2. There is a side where your chest feels jearked up.
  3. There is a side that the stomack feels pulled down.
  4. There is a cool wind between them.
  5. There is a side that causes the rods to swing open.
  6. There is a side that causes the rods to swing shut.
  7. Between the 2 sides it feels unsure under your feet.
  8. With your hand you can feel a thin feeling between the lines and a thick feeling like custard beyond the sides.
  9. One side of crack smells different to the other side.
  10. One side of the crack looks orange, the other blue.
  11. When 2 cracks meet the colour can change round the corner.

When looking for a blessing point.

  1. Hold the palms outward and move them round in a circle by slowly turning on the spot with your feet.
  2. You should feel the heat.
  3. Walk into the edge of the heat.
  4. On this edge the dowsing rods will turn outwards.
  5. It forms a circle or oval.
  6. Inside the circle you can feel high up into the sky like a chimney and deep below you into the earth like a well.
  7. Feel up and down with your hands.
  8. Attract the dark beings into the well.
  9. Send the light beings to the top of the chimney.
  10. Connect the beings at the top winth a white spiral going. clockwise into the eart well.
  11. Let the dark beings below spiral dark lines up into the sky and hold onto the light strands.

Now we ready to start working.