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Major developmental stages

There are eight recognised major developmental stages.  

They are recognised in most systems.

In Yoga the eightfold path can also be seen as

two steps repeated  four times.  

The two steps are the gathering together and the internal mastery. The four times are the repetition in the physical body, life body, astral or emotional body, and then in the spirit or wind body.

This system can also be seen as spatially arranged into

The four horizontal directions on Earth.

The four directions are considered to be the

Protectors of the threshold

that lead into the inner vertical worlds.

These are often represented in a medicine wheel

In Chinese  medicine they are also the directions on the torso

for collecting the life energies of the organs.

The orientation of the qualities of the directions generally correspond to the position on the human body as it appears when he is lying on his back on the ground

with his head pointing towards the equator.

In Southern Africa that would place the cold water

of the snake and bladder in the south

It would place his green liver in the west

where the Lion is king.

It would place the red hot heart space

In the north, closest to the hot sun.

For me that is represented by the horse or Wildebeest

It would place the white lung energy in the east that is seen

as the great bird that can fly and levitate.

In south Africa the directions are also recognised with regards to the ancestors in the north who have gone before us and  the east is recognised by its' relationship to the spirit or moya, the wind.

Typically the directions and colours are also seen in the beadwork and the sequence of ceremonies performed by the student healers or amatwasa.  The first is putting on the white beads

representing the spirit that is being recognised and respected.

Then we can put on the blue beads when we

have been introduced to the water spirits.

The green beads represent the forest ceremony that comes next.

Then there are the red beads to put on when we

have done a fire ceremony and slaughtering.

The colours can be seen to correspond exactly with

the colours of the organs of the Chinese and

the colours in the American medicine wheel.

The development through time follows a clockwise direction.

With each of these directions come a challenge.

The cold blue water and snake represent wisdom but in ignorance it is experienced as anger and its consequence: fear.

To overcome the fear we have to overcome anger.

To overcome anger we have to overcome self importance.

There is only one way of doing that.


Non attachment.

Humility is the cure for all the fear based itchy diseases.

Each of the four directions are associated with their own trap, struggle, and curative virtue.

These are also the virtues that need to be developed before it is safe to enter the underworld without becoming re-traumatised.

These stages and their issues and hang ups are explained in the Healer course.