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We all know our egos,

that construct of  our thinking.

For most of us when we think, our consciousness is centred in our head and especially in our face.   In thinking, we arrange our thoughts into levels of importance. We tend to hang onto the important thoughts and forget about the less important thoughts.

They get ignored and chucked out.

So if we think of ourselves in the way we think of thoughts we need to be seen by ourselves and others as important or else we will be ignored.  So we try hard to create a consensus reality with others about our importance.

Not only do we attach the idea of importance to our ego

but also what we own.

We own our story, our history, and our family and our house or farm, our vehicles and people even think they own their partner and their pets and their orchards and their cattle. This is all to make the ego feel good.

When all these attachments start being attacked, then for the sake of  survival we let them go, because whatever we attach to will be attacked to show us that is not us.  Eventually I was looking for the deepest thing I could find to attach to which I thought was out of reach of attack, my motives.  Even then they were voraciously attacked. Finally I realised the only thing nobody can attack is that we are observers.

If you can step back and observe that you are an observer, even observing how you observe your senses, then if the senses are affected or “attacked” we still stand free in that observation.

Fear is overcome.

That was step one and there are various exercises to develop that.

Step two

is using our ability to observe,

to observe ourselves when we make decisions.

If you avoid making decisions your sense of self will be damaged.

Step three

is carrying out your decisions.

From that you gain life experience that leads to wisdom.

Step four

is learning how to gain access to your own wisdom and use it to guide your own thinking and planning.