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Brain gym accessing the subconscious

Brain gym

With brain gym one can easily access the objections of the subconscious in the nerves.

Cross over the ankles and wrists and clasp the hands, that makes one strong, not comfortable.

Head up, but look down and close the eyes.

Make the positive statements and observe the reactions from subconscious.

Here is a list of positive statements or affirmations   by Peter v Maltitz   

First Chakra:

I have the right to be here.              Because I am part of nature.

My self is the observer.

We are all created equal.     

We are all one.

Second Chakra:

I enjoy pleasure in my life.

I am aware of my decisions.

I greet and meet others in bliss.

I respect other individuals.

I move easily and intentionally.

Third Chakra:

I am aware of carrying out my decisions.

I accomplish tasks intentionally

The fire within me burns through all blocks and fears.

The fire within turns all suppressive blocks and fears into memories that I investigate.

I apply myself at whatever I decide to do.

Fourth Chakra:

I accept kindness.

I radiate kindness.

There is a continuous flow of love.

I live in balance with others.

Fifth Chakra:

I listen to the inner voice.

I express myself with focused intent.

Art is an expression of creativity.

My voice is a way to express myself.

Sixth Chakra:

I see all ideas clearly.

I open myself to my own wisdom from behind me.

What I focus on,  manifests.

Seventh Chakra:

Truth resides within my Self.

I am open to guidance.

The Wisdom I need comes to me when I ask for it.

The world reveals what I asked for.

My guidance comes from up high behind my body.

I trust my own higher self.

Now watch who said the objections.  Say to them: “Thank you for your opinion but I no longer need or accept it. Here, you can have it back”.   Now repeat your affirmation until there are no more objections.  

Now repeat with hands reversed and turned up to your chest, and then again at forehead.