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Silene belledoides

Silene belledoides


English :     Dream-root

IsiXhosa:   Ubulau  Notolano guaiano

Description and diagnostic features   

   It is from the genus Silene that has representatives worldwide.

The leaves are broad like tobacco leaves but much smaller.

The 5 petaled flowers flowers have the petals split like the soapwort from Europe.  


Part used     



     Dream herb. The root is dried and pounded in a pestle and mortar to split the fibres apart so the powder falls out.  About a level teaspoon of the powder is placed in a 3 litre can of water and stirred with a forked stick to produce foam.  This has to be stirred for three days and two nights intermittently to keep the water covered in foam.  The foam is then sucked up into the mouth, after every stirring, where the bubbles break up and the air is breathed into the lungs.  You do this on your knees with your hands preferably held behind the back. Before taking in more foam it is stirred again. A single herb can also be added to the water and this soapy water extracts the content of the herb making it into a picture medicine similar to a homeopathic medicine. The extreme dilution and serial stirring creates a serial increase in potency just like classical homeopathy.  With the air of the bubbles being breathed into the lungs it also is possible to absorb the diluted and potentised medicine  directly into the body without digestion.


 On the third day the can of liquid is poured out over the body and it is rubbed down.  If needed a clean fresh batch can be started again.


   Grows best in semi shade under trees.


 Grows from seed

  Comes up after rain has fallen on the seed in the ground.